Academician Guo Guangcan: Who will make a quantum computer who occupies a global technology innovation highland?

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Guo Guangcan, Chinese Science and Technology: From top design, strategic investment to talent training, etc., global multinational in recent years continue to invest in quantum technology. So what is quantum technology? Guo Guangcan: Physical world can be divided into two major categories of classical physics and quantum physics.

In classic physics, the physical research topics are particles and waves. In quantum physics, the particles have a wave binabarism, which does not comply with the classical physics law, complying with quantum mechanics.

Quantum technology is a technique that uses the quantum world to spread out of the characteristics of classic physics. For example, a quantum computer is the most important one in quantum technology.

The calculation speed and calculation capabilities of quantum computers are greatly improved compared to the electronic computer, which is like comparison of electronic computers and abacions, and the difference is obvious.

Strong National Forum: What is the development trend of my country’s quantum technology in related fields? What shortlines still present now, what challenges are developing? Guo Guangcan: The overall study level in the quantum field is in the position of the international first echelon. The quantum password is inconsistent with the international first-class, and the relevant research results are all independent research and development, and some have also obtained international patents.

Quantum information technology, we can achieve the highest dimension of the world, you can achieve the highest particle number of entanglement, or you can reach the highest entangled fidelity in the world, so our quantum information technology is also the forefront of the international frontier. Quantum materials are relatively backward international level.

To do it completely on our own research, it is necessary to make a pre-layout of technology development in the relevant field. At the same time, while focusing core technology, pay attention to the production of devices, equipment, materials, and form a full-chain layout of quantum material industry as soon as possible. my country wants to break through the quantum technology field, I think it should also focus on the following four aspects. First, strengthen the top floor design, establish a long-term mechanism; second, increase fund investment, focus core technology; three is based on industrial structure, optimize discipline layout; four is extensive gathering wisdom, attach importance to talent training.

Strong National Forum: Technology innovation is ultimately relying on excellent talents.

How did you understand the phrase "top scientist responsibility system? Guo Guangcan: China wants to break through in the new technology field, quantum technology is a rare opportunity. Quantum is a new technique that is challenging. It is impossible to make this technology completely clear, and it is impossible to grasp the key and center of grasp of the quantum technology development pattern accurate and comprehensive.

Therefore, the top scientists must start from the overall situation, broad mind, long-term, scientific decisions, do not engage in small circles, unite everyone work together, and jointly contribute to the country’s development. Strong National Forum: What are the quantum technology can affect or even subvert an existing industry? How will quantum technology affect the life of ordinary people? Guo Guangcan: At present, quantum technology is still in the stage of application of basic research, and the quantum products that the people can use have not yet been used. Therefore, don’t simply promote quantum products, you can go to thousands of households soon, this is not right, nor is it true.

If you look forward to the future, if the general quantum computer has been widely used, then various industries, medical, agricultural production, industrial production, artificial intelligence, the entire social side aspects will be affected by quantum technology, and quantum computers can exceed the electronic computer, password field quantum communication Improve the safety of transmission, quantum sensing can measure many important parameters.

Although the quantum technique can be popular, it is difficult to say, but from the five-year development of the quantum computer, the speed is much better than we expect.

According to this speed, it may be soon, and the quantum era will really come.

Strong National Forum: You have said that we have to use the spirit of "two bombing a star" to do quantum research. Why do you have such an idea? Guo Guangcan: I hope that the country can take the spirit of "two bombings" and the approach to develop quantum technology. In terms of worldwide, the current quantum technology level is still in the starting stage, competition in this stage, my country is still very likely to lead. However, the current research of quantum technology is still relatively dispersed.

Strong National Forum: How to accelerate the development of quantum technology, which is very important for promoting high quality development and security national security? Guo Guangcan: The birth of quantum information means that human society should span quantum techniques from classic technology, once spanned to quantum technology, human productivity will increase to a very high level, so everyone wants to be in the new type The arrival of the quantum field has an advantage.

Once this highland is occupied, the country’s national strength will rise to unparalleled height. For example, other countries have mastered the quantum computers in my country, all of our widely used public key passwords will be challenged. In addition, in the fields of agricultural production, artificial intelligence, 5G communications, quantum techniques can play a major role. From this perspective, the development of quantum technology is related to my country’s national defense safety and national development, and it is necessary to develop quantum technology as a major strategic objective for strong national army.