Calling "Home Teachers" and other school training

The Ministry of Education strictly investigates the discharge of the school-out training to stop the "home teacher" "publicfree private education" and other school training release time: 2021-09-0911: 21 Thursday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network for in-depth implementation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The "Opinions on the Development of the Office of the Office of the State Council" issued by the Office of the Office of the State Council "(hereinafter referred to as" Double Decimation ") Good ecology, promoting students’ comprehensive development, healthy growth, recent Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Resolutely investigation and discontinued violations" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").

According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Education’s School Foreign Education and Training Regulatory, "Double Decimal Opinions" has been issued, and all localities have vigorously promote the training governance of schools and achieve initial results.

However, some local training institutions have been transferred from "ground" to "underground", change their face, and "high-end homecent", "crowdfunding private education", "studying research", etc., the invisible variation of disconnected variation, serious, serious Interference policy is implemented, and it is hindered to reform.

In order to further standardize the training behavior of the subject class, resolutely investigate and deal with the issue of disciplines and disciplines, the Ministry of Education drafted "Notice". "Notice" clear compliance standards, listed violations, from the two aspects of the two aspects of the granular training behavior and the change of discipline training behavior. First, the "Notice" emphasizes that the disciplines of schools must meet national relevant provisions in terms of training subjects, trainers, training time, training locations, training content, training methods, etc.. Secondly, "Notice" is listed in accordance with the above compliance standards, including: agency or individual, an incomplete certificate, in consultation, cultural dissemination, "home-party", "homework" Waiting for the name of discipline training; non-staff qualifications to carry out discipline training, in-service primary and secondary school teachers to carry out compensation; through "live broadcast recording" and other means to carry out discipline training; organize differently training, in residents Floor, hotel, coffee shop, etc. In non-discipline training such as science, sports, cultural art, violation of discipline training; offline agencies through instant messaging, online conference, live broadcast platform, etc., etc. Discipline training; and other invisible variation of invisible variations violated relevant regulations, this is the case of the above six forms.

The above person in charge frankly, through analysis of the research, the focus of the invisible variant campus training governance is to investigate the object, investigate the main body and how to investigate, and difficult to concentrate on the identification, investigation and supervision.

First, invisible variation discipline training behavior has a strong concealedness, strong variability, existence of "identification difficult" problem, requires clear violations of acts.

Second, invisible variant training behavior evidence is difficult to save, involving multiple management departments, there is a "difficulty" problem with "investigation and punishment", need to be clearly investigated and punished.

Third, invisible variant discipline training is divided, disorderly, and there is a limited source of trails, and there is a "regulatory problem" problem that requires determining and effective measures.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education adheres to the combination of governance and cure, adheres to system governance and management according to law, and organizes serious investigation and punishment of discipline training behavior, and pays attention to establishing and sounding long-term work mechanisms, and promoting the management of proofing training institutions. For issues related to discipline training behavior, the Ministry of Education first coordinated, urged relevant places to conduct verification, and reported the verification and processing results in time; request all localities to train trainees, find together, investigate and punctive together .

For invisible variation of violation training, "Notice" focuses on establishing a sound long-term mechanism, and three specific measures have been proposed.

First, establish an identification mechanism and focus on solving the problem of "what" in investigation. The expert committee or designated professional institutions can be established, and the trainees of invisible variations are scientifically discernifically. The second is to implement genus management and focus on solving the "Who to investigate".

Comprehensively responsible, according to the principle of "who is approximately, who is responsible", investigated the invisible variation of discipline training.

For the organization and individual of the license, according to the State Council "Unlicensed and Unlicensed Operational Investigation Measures" and the Private Education Promotion Law.

For cross-regional violations, the relevant departments of the training institutions were approved by the relevant departments of violations.

The third is to strengthen supervision law enforcement, and focus on "how to investigate".

Emphasize to compare management responsibilities, make full use of grid complaints to carry out inspections, smooth complaints, and increase law enforcement efforts, promote "Internet + supervision", explore various regulatory methods such as credit disciplism. Editor in charge: Liu Ce.