Beijing: Financial Acceleration Innovation Service Economics

Original title: Financial accelerated innovation service entity Economy Yesterday, in the 2021 financial street Forum Annual meeting, the eye-catching big screen played the meeting. Our reporter, Fang Fang, the reporter, Sun Jie, is the "blood" of the entity economy, and is a financial in the financial services.

How the financial "live water" further "moisturizing" the entity economy has become an important issue in the 1221 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting.

"Effects and Financial Services" parallel forum held a multi-game forum in the past few days, the guests "adhere to the new ideas" "" adhere to the new ideas, promote the high quality development of the financial innovation, promote the proposal of Pu Hui, enhance the capacity of service entity "The topic", for the financial innovation service entity economy to explore new ideas.

  Focus on supply chain Financial precision service SMB, the parallel forum, the October 20th, and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the leader of the Industrial and Commercial Bank said that this year, the Industrial and Commercial Bank has become the first manufacturing loan balance break through 2 trillion yuan of banks, strategy Sexually emerging industrial loans nearly 1 trillion yuan; industrial chain finance in manufacturing has maintained more than 30% of the increase in two consecutive years.

  "Financial institutions should accelerate innovation, deepen the structural reform of financial supply side, improve the adaptability, competitiveness and Puyuity of manufacturing finance." In his four recommendations, including strengthening financial precision docking, including hair Force supply chain finance, support manufacturing steady chain stroke chain, "financial institutions should support the replacement of industrial chain supply chain stability and competitiveness, and placed more prominent positions.

He said.

  In recent years, although the development of finance support manufacturing has achieved active progress, there is still a barrier between finance and industrial science and technology development.

Wang Yiming, Vice Chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center, also proposed, to vigorously develop supply chain finance, design personalized, diverse financial services products, precisely match the needs and supply of upper downstream small-scale manufacturing enterprises. Pu Hui Financial Rationality Efficiency Selling Real Financial Demand has been vigorously promoted in recent years, and has achieved positive results.

Fan Yifei, the vice president of the People’s Bank of China, revealed in the forum, at the end of September, the balance of small micro-loan balance trillion, year-on-year, supported more than 4 million small and micro-operating main financing, year-on-year growth%. The People’s Bank also establishes the financing mechanism of scientific and technological enterprises, and increases the support of direct financing of technology companies.

At the end of September, the balance of long-term loans in the high-tech manufacturing industry continued to maintain high-speed growth.

Fan Yifei said that under the new situation will insist on putting the service entity in a more prominent position, enhance economic development toughness. "To discover and meet the real financial needs.

Xiao Yuan, Vice President of the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that the development of Pu Hui Finance also needs to improve the accuracy of service. For example, the current people have a big risk, long-term nursing insurance, and huge disasters, agriculture insurance demand is very large, meeting this The demand is only conducive to rapid recovery of production and life reduction losses, and it is also conducive to preventing sorcerer or poor due to illness, while the elderly who need to care can get better care through business channels.

These are all the real financial needs of Pu Hui, which requires financial institutions to discover and meet. Improve direct financing to support scientific and technological innovation, insist on service entity economy as the fundamental direction, and improve the direct financing support mechanism to promote scientific and technological innovation, assisting technology self-reliance and is an important mission in the capital market.

  Zhang Wangjun, Dean of the Secondary School Finance Research Institute, said in speech that the emergence of science and technology, capital and industries since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Data show that the world’s 1360 companies are launched in 2020, financing $ 268 billion, including 24% and 33% of the number of technologies and financing.

A total of 1630 enterprises in the world will be launched in 330 billion US dollars in the first 34th quarter, including 26% and 35% of the number of scientific and technological enterprises, respectively. From the domestic view, innovative capital and industrial circulation are accelerating.

Since the pilot registration system of the GEM, 549 enterprises have finished 610 billion yuan.

With the more inclusive domestic capital market system, 24 unprofitable, special equity structures and red-chip companies have listed on A-share, 370 "special new" SMEs listed in the new three boards. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.