The 4th World Clear Porcelain Conference opened in Longquan, Zhejiang

Longquan ceramics, Longquan sword, and Qingtian stone carving, "Li Shui Sanbao", behind it contains Lishui’s unique natural advantages and the value of the national craftsman to "the people and people".

The Standing Committee of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee, the publicity department said that in his speech, it will continue to promote the value transformation of the Qingqi Tao Cultural Products, let the "iron iron steel" Longquan sword and "chemical mud as jade" Longquan ceramics become the value of ecological product value. " Fresh samples, becoming the vivid practice of "dry water". Long spring green porcelain in history, in the middle and abroad, the more the Silk Road is crossed, the Arab is known as "marine green".

The Longquan cast sword skills that started in Spring and Autumn, the generations were passed down, and they were endless. Wu Yue Shen, executive vice chairman of the China Ceramics Industry Association, believes that ceramics and swords are the pride of Longquan people, and the symbol of the Chinese nation’s long history and splendid culture is an important carrier for foreign cultural exchanges and communication.

The Cultural Acquisition of the Arab Embassy in China, Cultural Counselor, Meishi, Maki, is willing to be a good cultural messenger, actively build the platform of Longquan Clear Porcelain Longquan Baojian culture in Egypt, promoting it better towards the world. As an important part of the history of ceramic development, Longquan Qinghara has been in the road of technology upgrades in recent years, and the intelligence of production skills, the digital trend is more obvious.

The academician of the World Ceramics Academy of Sciences Pan Wei expects to use this event, with the number of intersections, and promote resource docking, promoting the transformation of results, promoting the scientific development, innovation and sustainable development of ceramic industries. As a historical and cultural city, it helps Zhejiang Province to build a new era cultural highland is Longquan’s glorious mission and significant responsibility. Li Wei, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Province, and Li Wei, director of the Provincial Government Information Office, hoping that Longquan will take the opportunity to further do a good job in the "deepening, materialization and transformation of Longquan Qingha", and politely Zhang Culture "Gold Medical Card", providing more Longquan Elements, Longquan Practice for the Construction of Cultural Zhejiang Province. For the world, based on Longquan Real, in recent years, Longquan City has vigorously promoted the development of sword porcelain cultural products, cultural industries and cultural economy.

The opening ceremony, "Tianxia Longquan" city brand, Longquan Qingqi Baojie Science, "Tianxia Longquan · Famous City Shui’an" planning, Wen Travel High Quality Development "Five Actions" and other latest results have been released.

In the next three years, Longquan City will also focus on building 1 international cultural and tourism exchange base, and conduct pragmatic exchanges with three international cultural tourist cities. Establish 10 overseas "Longquan Qinghainese often show", for Longquan Qinghali Longquan Baojian culture "Wings" on the dream. (Editor: Qin Wen, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.