People’s Daily bell: Meitu invited suspects to participate in the "Democracy Summit", is the biggest embarrassment of democracy!

  Recently, the anti-chaos of the sin and the opposite chaos, Luo Guanxus claimed to be "invited" to participate in the so-called "leading the Summit", once again give the so-called "Democracy Summit" without democracy, the facts of the iron. The US government offers a stage for this "Hong Kong Unique" molecule, further exposes the so-called "Democratic Summit" essence is to put democratic instrumentation and weapons.

  Luo Crown Cong was suspected of inciting the split country, colluding foreign or overseas forces harm the national security is a criminal suspect who is wanted by the Hong Kong police. I learned that Luo Guan Cong is about to go to the United States again to carry out political performances. The strict words of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Security Bureau rebuening it for the "political dividends", the gans, the foreign government and politicians, and the actions are shameful. It is clear that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government will investigate their criminal responsibility according to law. .

This is an attitude that should respect the principles of the rule of law. In recent years, the United States is self-employed in Hong Kong’s democracy, and the real attempt is in Hong Kong with the name of "democracy". The fireworks involved in Hong Kong Act, the implementation of sanctions, silenced the special zone affairs, and supported the opposite chaos, and the multilateral series was applied … The United States a series of political fucks, in interference China, destroying Hong Kong democracy.

Luo Crown Cong’s betrayal of Hong Kong and the motherland, in the eyes of American politicians who wish to curb China, but have "unique value". They have repeatedly used this line of puppet, packing them as "Democratic Fighters", meets in their dreams, selling "Hong Kong alone" advocates, spreading political lies, smearing Hong Kong Guoan Law and Central Committee Policy Platform, this is the United States interferes with Hong Kong affairs and supports iron certificates for anti-chaos.

  Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong, the United States’s interference behavior is impossible to shake the history of "one country, two systems".

With the formulation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the improvement of the Hong Kong election system, the Hong Kong situation is realized by the major turning of the governance.

Hong Kong citizens generally believe that blind pursuit of American democracy, not real democracy, but social differentiation, depass, leading to social sequence, economic imbalance, governance.

The new electoral system is making the election to return to benign competition. The democracy in Hong Kong is returning to the public to afford to benefit.

This positive transformation in the Hong Kong society fully explained that American politicians have a "democracy" name to interfere with Hong Kong affairs has completely failed. The US attempted to stand against the opposite of the arrest of the unwanted contractions, and no waves. The United States is sliding the world, and a so-called "democratic summit" in the escaping suspect will only let the international community will further see the name of the fake "democracy", and the ridiculous essence of the opposite democracy.

The United States is based on its own standard, and the world’s first half of the country and the region will be classified in "democratic camp", and the other half of the country is column "non-democratic countries", which itself violates democracy, is a typical democracy "private "" Labeling "" politicization ".

In the increasing global challenge, the world needs to strengthen the group combination, the United States has promoted the geopolity strategy in the United States, suppressing it, manufacturing split and confrontation in the world, this cold war thinking and hegemony behavior is reversible, impossible Succeed.

  Democracy is the common value of all human beings, not political tools in the United States.

The United States is covered with "democracy" coat to maintain its hegemony, which has aroused strong opposition in the international community. The US government is collided with the opposite chaos, and it has been admitted to the law of criminals. The evils will only be cast aside.