The first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund is sold out for one day, the new fund is released overall

Original title: The first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund sold out Li Rui with the lack of money, the new fund issuance also has a hot and cold. Just after the first batch of Beijiao Theme Fund, 4 of the first active enhanced ETF funds were also entered on Monday, although the current data has not yet known, but from the overall issuance of this month. It is not optimistic, and the problem of cold and cold in the issuance market is getting obvious.

The Topic Fund of the North Exchange The theme fund is welcomed, but it is not expected that it will be so hot, the extent of hot, can be described in one day, or even the fund also launched a proportional placement , The proportion is only low.

On November 22nd, 7 fund companies, including Easy, Hui Tianfu, have disclosed the proportion of its Beijiao theme fund subscription application confirmation.

Among them, Hui Tianfu’s Beijiao Theme Fund subscription application confirmation proportion is the lowest, only about%; Wanjia Fund’s Beijiao Theme Fund subscription application confirmation ratio is the highest, about%. The announcement shows that Hui Tianfu Fund, Huaxia Fund, Southern Fund, Jiashi Fund, Wanjia Fund, the Idea Issue Issue Application Protection Fund Subscription Application Confirmation,%,%,%,%,%, and%, respectively. In the past one day, Yi Fangda Fund and the Guangfa Fund took the lead in issuing the proportion of the INTA subject fund subscription application, the proportion of the placing is%,%.

For a large fund that has not been announced to subscribe application confirmation ratio, the subscription application confirmation ratio is about% based on the refund measurement of investors. This is calculated, 8 Beijiao Theme Fund, the total suction gold has exceeded 25 billion yuan a day. According to the data, on November 19th, as the first batch of Beijiao theme fund, including Easy, Guangfa, Huaxia, Hui Tianfu, Jiashi, South, Daocheng, 8 funds under the same day, starting with the same day, each Only 500 million yuan in fundraising only. The first active enhanced ETF started from this Monday, the first batch of active enhanced ETF funds just approved, and 4 have begun.

The fund recruitment manual shows that November 22nd, the Guitai Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhances ETF, China Merchants Shanghai 300 Enhanced ETF, Huatai Bo Rui Mid Films 500 Enhance ETF, Jingshun Great Wall Mid 500 Enhanced ETF and other 4 enhanced ETF will be 11 The month is officially opened on the 20th.

Among them, Guitai Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enhances ETF, and China Merchants Shanghai Shenzhen 300 enhances ETF first price limit 8 billion yuan, Jingshun Changcheng No. 500 enhances ETF first price limit of 7.5 billion yuan. As a further important innovative product, enhanced ETF is an index enhancement fund that can transaction in secondary market, simply in an index enhancement and powerful combination of ETF, and has the advantage of passive investment and active investment.

The overall temperature reduction of the new fund is followed in October, the number of new funds is in November, and the fund issuing market is still not significantly improved in November. Data show, as of November 19, only 22 new funds started and established in the month, compared to 109 in October, the September 131 and 181 in August fell; in November, the total issuance Only 100 million copies, in October, September million and August millions of violations have static contrast. Data show that in October, the newly established fund scale has a break-a-hanging type, which is new in the year.

Specifically, the number of new funds in October is 97, and the raised scale is only 100 million yuan, which is 49% compared to the September, which fell by 39% compared to the same period last year.

In terms of classification, the newly established mixed fund, bond fund, QDII fund and FOF fund scale are 100 million yuan, billion, billion yuan and billion yuan, down 69%, 33%, 99, respectively, 33%, 99 % And 73%.

In addition, statistics show that the new fund raised has reached 30 this year, approaching the 33 historic records in 2018.

The solid injury + fund is favored, and the fixed-income + type fund is favored in the atrophy of the equity fund. On November 22nd, China Merchants Fund’s investment promotion enhanced bond fund was officially issued. At recentations, the announcement of the Ruiyuan Fund has shown that the Ruiyuan Steady Configuration Two-year Holding Type Fund will be released on December 2, and the proposed fund manager is just served by the Deputy General Manager of Ruiyuan Fund. Previously, November 16th, "Normal +" Products, Guangfa, a year, one year, one year, a year, the first-ranking scale is worth 100 million yuan. It is worth noting that the first-ranking scale of the fund is achieved within a day on November 11, and the number of effective subscribers in the same day reached 10,000 households. In addition, Jingshun Great Wall An Ding was a new product after Li Youswen, Dong Hao joined Jingshun Great Wall Fund, is currently being issued. As a "solid harvest +" fund, the fund conducts a large-class asset allocation from the top, flexible configuration between bonds and stocks.

Among them, the proportion of new funds invested in stocks is not higher than 40% of the fund assets, and the proportion of stocks invested in Hong Kong stocks will not exceed 50% of the stock assets. As of November 16th, the newly established "solid harvest +" fund has reached 337 since this year, with a total raised scale of 4, 100 million, an increase of 1, billion yuan, an increase in the year over the year last year.

From the perspective of scale, there is no shortage of Yue Yue Xia, and Yue Fang Da Yu’an holds, Guangfa Hengxin holds a year, and Guangfa will enjoy a lot of monthly-only funds.

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