Tibet promotes inspection and standing, and the implementation of the implementation of ensuring that the parts have an echo.

"The minority is organized to implement the party’s route policy, the party’s major decision-making deployment is chosen, discounts, and works; some places, the units perform the responsibility of the party to the party, the transfer pressure level is reduced; some party members and cadres Violation of the eight other provisions of the central provision, the problems, formalism, bureaucratic problems still exist; some local engineering construction fields are crowded, the project arguments are not sufficient, advanced, unbounded, avoid public bidding, etc. … "Not long ago, the eighth round of the Ninth Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee on 16 inspection teams will give back to the inspection situation in 32 regions. Since this year, the party committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region has carried out three-wheeled inspections. In Lhasa City, Changdu City, Nagu City, Ali Region, etc. . "The meaning of finding problems is to solve the problem, the inspection effect is not good, the power is strong, the key is rectification." Gu Wang Weidong, the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, and the leadership team leader Wang Weidong said that all rounds insisted on Solving the masses reflect the important task of strong highlighting, guaranteeing and improving people’s livelihood, requiring the Patrol Party Organization to patrol the feeding and feedback on the procedure of the cadres and the people’s vital interests, know that they are changed, stand up, and complete rectification, do not evade, not evade, Do not cover, do not protect, make sure that the parts are falling, and everything has echo. During the seventh round, each inspection team was transferred to 111 legacy reforms to be patrolled, and 53 things involved in the vital interests of the masses; during the eight-round patrol period, each inspection team was transferred to the 191 projects of 191 in the inspection area. 113 items involve the people’s personal interests. Up to now, the seventh and eight-wheel patrol feedback has been reached in place, and the rest is also in an orderly rectification.

The ninth wheel patrol target is in the region, based on the basic two-round experience practices, pay more attention to the discovery and solving the interests of the relevant policy measures related to the inspection unit, and indifferent Or damage the interests of the masses.

At the beginning of June this year, Zhaxi, the villagers of Bairitun Village, Cai Gang Township, Chengguan District, Lhasa, received a 200,000 yuan labor fee for a company payment for nearly four years. At the end of 2015, Tashi found that the hometown infrastructure construction continued to increase the business opportunities, and the other people in the village formed a farmers and herdsmen, which quickly became "red fire", but at the time of checkout, The relevant company is arrears in various reasons, with a total arrears as high as 2.874 million yuan.

Since then, the villagers such as Zhaxi often go to and from the company and the local relevant departments, but the problem has not been effectively solved until the seventh round of in May, after the seventh round of inspection and feedback, the relevant departments of Lhasa City and Chengguan District pay attention to The Chengguan District Committee took the lead to urge the problem, and one month was less than a month, there were two companies to pay more than 360 million yuan to Bai Dingcun villagers, and the remaining arrears were also coordinated.

There is a reputation of "Tibetan Pearl" in Changdu City, in recent years, in the strong support of the country, Keruo District completed the renovation of the old city. The old leakage of the wind, garbage, the shaking old house of the sewage, and the shakes become " High-end atmosphere "elevator room".

As the first batch of residents who moved into the district, Loosong Qu took the family, I didn’t think of it, but they didn’t think that the roof of the house just received in June this year leaking.

"The big thing in front of you turned into a bad thing." Luosongqua asked in the owner group, found a number of similar situations, and communicating with the developer, Loosong Square and Community Other owners found the Kaile District Housing and Construction Bureau, but he ate a "closed door" – Keruo District Housing and Construction Bureau reflected the problem of the problem of Losong Squa by unspeakable. In desperation, the owners reflected the problem to the fifth inspection team of the party committee in the eighth round of the eighth round in Changdo, and the inspector team quickly made the issue to the Kruzi District, and demanded immediately. Under the supervision of the Kavi District, the real estate development company reached an agreement with the owner of the owner: the water leakage is repaired by the owner, and the required funds shall be reimbursed by the real estate development company. After a month, the Caile District Committee conducted a field acceptance of the repair.

At the eighth tour of the eighth round of the autonomous region of the eighth round, Jun, I just entered the "Tucao" such as Yongbi Nima and other peoples: the city’s Municipal Public Security Bureau’s household registration management department business personnel There is a problem that the door is difficult, the face is difficult, and the problem is difficult.

The eighth inspection team put related issues to the Ni Ni District, and under the supervision of the Yini District Committee, the Mi Ni District Public Security Bureau held a meeting of the household registration business unit, requiring optimization window service, adhering to "civilized language, warm reception, Smile Services

The Di Ni District Public Security Bureau uniformly distributed a household registration business service box, supervision card, comment book, and improved the quality of service. "I have given a child before, I have to run a few times. Now, as long as the procedures are complete, I can do a good job, and the attitude of the staff is much better than before.

"I just gave the Yongbang Nima in the household in the house." We will announce the rectification items, measures, results, results, etc., in the Tibet Daily, Tibet Discipline Inspection and Supervision Network, etc., in a better acceptance of cadres The masses supervise ensure that the rectification is effective, and it is constantly improving the sense of happiness of the masses.

"The relevant person in charge of the party committee inspection office in the autonomous region said that further strengthening the supervision and guidance, paying more attention to exploration of the discovery problem, rectifying the implementation, the application, information sharing, the power configuration, etc. Promoting the fullness of the strict governance party to "last kilometer" extension. (The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervision Committee of the National Supervision Committee of the National Supervision Committee, Li Yongfeng, Soongfeng).