Qinghai Provincial Trade Union Organization is tailored for truck drivers to supplement medical insurance

  Recently, with the help of the Qinghai Provincial General Trade Union, the Provincial Transportation Trade Union, after the field investigation, the medical insurance market investigation and multi-wheel negotiation, the Qinghai Provincial Traffic Logistics Industry Trade Union jointly signed the "Qinghai Province Traffic Logistics" Industry Truck Driver Supplement Medical Insurance Agreement.

  The truck driver supplementing medical insurance is the exclusive service that the trade union organization is tailored to the volume of the truck, mainly in order to solve the truck driver only the urban medical insurance or rural credit heroic insurance does not have employee medical insurance, the bottleneck problem of the employee medical mutual insurance, is the trade union organization concern care Truck drivers, improve the level of medical insurance, and continuously strengthen the construction of grassroots trade union, further enhance the grassroots trade union, so that new group workers build, turn it up, live specific actions. At present, after a month trial, the truck driver supplementing medical insurance has been first achieved.

Nearly 400 truck drivers participated in supplementary insurance.

At the same time, the Qinghai Provincial Federation of Trade Unions coordinated the Provincial Traffic Logistics Industry Association to give funding support to help solve the practical difficulties of the majority of truck drivers pay insurance fees.

The next step in our province will continue to build a new brand of eight major groups such as trade union service truck drivers, and strive to allow more groups to share high-quality development results and share high quality happiness.

(Editor: Liu Peiran, Chen Mingju).