The scientific development is the relay of talents, the inheritance of education

Talking about the scientific research dreams to the scientific research, Zhang Zuxun is attributed to "encounter a good teacher". The teacher said by Zhang Zuuxun is his scientific research leader, my country’s photographic measurement and remote sensing discipline, Mr. Wang Zhuo. Zhang Zuxun and the story of Mr. Wang Zhi also have to speak from the 1950s. In the 1950s, Zhang Zuxun entered the University Campus to study aviation photogrammetry. His photogrammetry was awarded by Mr. Wang Zhuo, and graduation design guided by Mr. Wang Zhuo; in the 1960s, Zhang Zuxun’s graduate tutor is also Wang Zhuo. Time came to 1976, Zhang Zuxun was sent to Switzerland to learn from the advanced air insulation instrument factory. Zhang Zucun said that I saw Swiss measurement technology, they were like "Liu Yujin in the Grand View".

Since then, "How to reduce the technical gap between China and the international photography measurement" became a question that Zhang Zu Xun has been thinking.

In 1978, Mr. Wang Zhuo puts forward, China’s photogrammetry should take full digital automatic image path.

At that time, most of the domestic and foreign considered "film is the best information carrier", "digital" theory is incredible or too early. Zu Zuoxun believes that the teacher’s ideas is very challenging and worthy of one.

As a helper of the year, Zhang Zuxun assumed the title of this topic. The topic group purchased the most advanced video digitizer in the world, computer. "Said advanced, computer memory only 64K, no image display, can not visually see image processing results, extremely low efficiency.

"Zu Zu Xun said that a picture size is 125MB, and computer configuration is not on a level.

After 14 years before and after, the topic group finally developed China’s first full-digital automatic map equipment, and the theoretical movement is actually used, and has launched a full-digital automatic map software with independent intellectual property rights in my country. The full-digital automatic image use computer instead of traditional measuring instruments, with computer image automatic matching instead of human eye observation, realizing mapping automation, is a thorough revolution of photographic measurement from theory to practice, the entire surveying and mapping community.

The results of this achievement in 1989, the first prize of the National Education Commission, is known as "Wings, with a lot of innovation points, and participate in global competition". Zhang Zuxun recalled that this research project has issued a national allocation of 1.2 million yuan, which is a lot of money at the time. When scientific research project, Zhang Zu Xun was still a university lecturer, and did not undertake such major projects.

Thanks to Wang Zhuo, "Unti-Talent", Zhang Zu Xun’s scientific research started from this, and steadily.