The General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the "14th Five-Year Plan" cultural relics protection and scientific and technological innovation planning (National Office [2021] No. 43)

In order to implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the work of cultural relics, strengthen cultural relics and technological innovation work in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, according to the "Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China", "The People’s Republic of China National Economics and Social Development FourteenthFive-year planning and 2035 long-term target outlines and the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central, State Council, and formulated this Plan.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", various departments of all regions have solidly promoted cultural relics, and the cultural relics have achieved remarkable progress.Complete the first national mobile cultural relics, logged into state-owned movable cultural relics / sets.

The State Council approved and announced the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. The storage of cultural relics continues to improve, and the safety situation is overall. Important progress in the scientific research and technological innovation in cultural relics.

Archaeological and historical research results are fruitful.

Revolutionary cultural relics protection is fully strengthened. The museum industry has developed rapidly, and the management of social cultural relics has steadily advanced.

Cultural relics activation utilization is continuously in-depth, and the social consensus of cultural relics is gradually deepening. Cultural relics international exchange cooperation is expanded to the depth, and our influence in the international cultural heritage sector is increasing.

The legal system of cultural relics is perfect, and the management power is continuously strengthened, the level of governance and governance, the leadership of the party committee, the government is responsible, the department’s cooperation, the social participation work pattern is constantly improved, and the cultural relics industry is to promote China’s outstanding traditional culture, condense It makes an important contribution to the power of China’s dreams.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years of my country’s new journey to build a new socialist modern country. It is also a key period of promoting strong national cultural powers, promoting the realization of a critical period from cultural relics resources to cultural relics protection.

The international environment is more complex, and the uncertainty is significantly increased. It is necessary to play a unique advantage of good cultural relics. The development of cultural relics is in an important strategic opportunity, and the cultural relics work is glorious, and the responsibility is significant. my country has entered the high-quality development stage, the cultural relics security situation is still serious, the promotion management institutions are still weak, and the cultural relics and technological innovation capabilities and application levels need to be improved. Archeology is in urgent role in empirical Chinese civilization and cultural research. It is still arduous to use the unbalanced insufficient problems, cultural relics resources management, value interpretation, law enforcement inspections, and civil storage and other key field reform tasks are still arduous.

Hold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, study and implement the party’s 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Five Plenary Sessions, and conscientiously implement the training General Secretary’s Important Instructions for Cultural Relics, Strengthening "Four Consciousness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", based on the new development stage, implement new development concept, and build new development patterns, surround Flag, gathering people, education new people, Xing culture, exhibition mission, implement the cultural relics of "protected, rescue first, reasonable use, strengthen management", to promote the quality of high quality development in cultural relics, to deepen Cultural relic protection use reform as the main line, with the power of strengthening the cultural relics and technological innovation and talent team, comprehensively strengthening the research and utilization of cultural relics protection, fully deepening the cognition of Chinese civilization, and comprehensively enhances Chinese cultural influence, comprehensive promotion of cultural relics governance system and governance ability Modernization, steady progress, keeping innovation, and walking out of the road to cultural relics in accordance with national conditions, making greater contributions to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership.

Adhere to Marxism’s fundamental system in ideology, adhere to the institutional mechanism for the development of the party leadership, firmly establish the scientific concept of the protection of cultural relics is also the scientific concept of political achievements, and play the party in cultural relics, and coordinate the leadership of all parties. , Fundamentally guaranteed to provide high quality development in realization of cultural relics. – Adhere to the people as the people.

Widely mobilized social forces participate in cultural relics protection, actively promoting cultural relics protection and utilization into the production and life of the people, and doing cultural relics protection for the people, relying on people, constantly satisfying people’s growing good life needs, and enhancing the spiritual power of the people. – Adhere to the use of law.

Always put the protection in the first place, improve the cultural relics protection utilization legal system, law enforcement mechanism, implement the main responsibility of the government at all levels, strictly abide by the safety of the cultural relics, ensure the safety of the cultural relics, and improve the environmental safety of the cultural relics.

– Adhere to technological innovation leads. Tree cultural relics should rely on science and technology development concept, improve cultural relics and technology innovation and ecology, and perseverance to strengthen basic research, accelerate the advancement of technical research and application, strengthen talent training and interdisciplinary cooperation, and promote cultural relics protection utilization. Adhere to Deepen Reform. Comprehensive deepening of the various reforms in the field of cultural relics, strengthen cultural relics protection and archaeological strength construction, rational protection personnel treatment, and crack the bottleneck problem of restricting cultural relics, strengthening to improve resource allocation efficiency, facilitate mobilizing the enthusiasm of the whole society, Let the cultural relics live, stimulate cultural innovation and create vitality.

– insist on system ideas.

Coordinate development and safety, coordinate central, local and power, coordinate protection and utilization, and focus on replenishing short board strong and weaknesses, and vigorously strengthen archaeological, cultural relics protection, safety precaution, research, display, communication power, and speed up the construction of cultural relics. Academic system, discourse system, promotion system integration. By 2025, the cultural relics security situation was significantly improved, and the level of cultural relics protection was fully improved. The cultural relics and technological innovation capabilities were enhanced.

Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese style archaeological construction continue to advance, and the Chinese cultural genes contained in cultural relics have better excavated interpretation. The revolutionary cultural relics protection management system is basically sound, and the important role is better. The layout is reasonable, structure optimization, distinctive distinctive, and the system is perfect, and the functionally complete museum system is initially formed, and the quality of the museum has been significantly improved. Social cultural relics management services are more optimized, and the cultural relics market is healthy and orderly development.

The important role of cultural relics in firm cultural confidence, expand the influence of Chinese culture, and cultivating the Chinese national community consciousness, and the cultural relics protection results are better than the people. Forming the full coverage of resource management, the more complete cultural relics protection and utilization system, and the road that meets the cultural relics protection utilization of national conditions.