And youth call out a breath,The original gloomy face has been piled up again.,“Sir,Lady,If you can make this box,Not only today, your consumption is on the head.,And you can get a very very visible income。”

Summer eyelids,“Do you think we are missing people??”
This time,The young face is still can’t be hung up.。
He shook his head,Suddenly laughed,Whisper,“Why don’t you lift it?,Let you let go of the box,Is giving you a face,You actually……”
What a shit?。
Summer is almost dangerous,“Rolling!I don’t want to have a good thing.,Less code is here,Do you think who you are?。”
“What do you say??Let me roll?Give me a child?”
I heard this sentence,Youth is really wrong,The smile on the face is getting obvious.。
He seems to find an excuse,High-grade,Eye looks overlook,“Boy,I have never dared to tell me this kind.,You are the first,Now I will give you one.,Either apologize,Either let this box。”
“I have not given an apology habit。”Summer is obliquely,“Will not let out,How do you stay??”
Youth smiling,Big step,“Then I have‘Please’Apologize。”
Speech,Reach out,Zhang opened five fingers to deduct the summer shoulder。
Confused summer,But is not moving。
When the other’s hand is about to hit,His right hand。
Along with the sport,His arm is a phantom,The slanting of the other party’s wrist。
Youth is not shocked,I don’t believe it。
He smoked,As a result, it is found that the wrist is like a strawband.,Can’t earn。
“Let me apologize?”
While struggling at each other,Summer slowly,Whisper,“What do you count?!”
Fall into the voice,Five fingers,Suddenly passing the crispy。 Young people send a painful 呻吟,Sweating,The body is not from the autonomous curd bow.。
With a cold drink,Push forward,Youth sprout,哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 退 退。
This time,Woman standing on the door of the box,Never keep indifferent,I immediately stood straight。
Confused youth,The wrist has been broken,But he did not care,But my face is gloomy,Grievances stare at the summer,“You find dead……”
Will not finish,I was interrupted by the woman.,“Li Dongzhe,Enough。”
She walks into the box,Apologize,Washing the summer and Liu Qingqing,“I am sorry to add two people.,Please forgive me。”
After the end,Needless to respond,Turned out。
And the youth named Li Dongzhe is evil, and the summer is a summer.,Eye god,“Boy,You are waiting。”
Put a sentence,Again。
First1594Chapter Can’t be good
A man and a woman walks。