Her crystal clear eyes,Full of respect from the heart。

http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn I didn’t expect to dream.,A conspidator on the road,Just because of the sense of justice,But in exchange for such a big encounter。
Summer smile,“You are Welcome,Your current situation,Should look for a quiet place。”
Chen Ting,“Brother,You can rest assured that you will team together.,I have a real understanding,Want to turn off immediately。”
Yin Tianfeng is not hesitant。
This time,It is also a secret movement.,Get goodwill and circumstances。
He can see it,Summer gift,Towel far more than five times is precious。
Now,He walked to the past,Explore the Hand to Tao Liquan。
Summer afterwards,Taken a jade simple,“Yin brother,This is a three-person array,About I.,You will take it as soon as possible,Work with Qing Xuan Xiong and Li Chongxi。”
Yin Tenfeng also scorned the jade simple,Review,After http://www.seatonhouse.cn a few interest,Face change again。
The Qing Xuan and Li Chong next to it are finally can’t help but ask.,“summer,You have to quit?”
The two are very clear,This set of array created in summer is absolutely strong,However, the eye is necessarily summer。
If there is no summer join,The power of the array will inevitably drop a lot。
“I also need to be closed for a while。”
Summer shink,“By the time,I need your trial team.,Our four people may create miracles。”
Listen to him this way,Qing Xuan and Li Chong are not tone,At the same time, I have a great curious heart.。
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Next,Summer playing a cave on the nearby mountain wall,Disabling。
Immediately sacrificed the time,Start refining。
The Dow is not only refined to pure pound energy,Also contain a silk space method。
Therefore, for the practitioners of the spirituality,This kind of energy is absolutely unable to meet。
Let them like the big encounter of the Holy King。
Qing Xuan’s strength,I can only refine two to three drops of liquid in one year.。
But for the summer,Everything is not a problem。
When he is fully integrated with the strength of the two chaos of the water,Chaos fire has been converted to purple,Take a further。
Dot fluid in the purple flame,Ability to get quickly。
certainly,Before refining,He also needs a large number of god fluids to carry out‘Fill’。
This will make the Dao liquid really turned into it.。