“summer,Didn’t bother you practice。”

Gogjian’s condensation fluctuated as always。
“not at all。”Summer laughing and responding,“Brother,How do you think of contacting me??”http://www.sxyoga.cn
“Nothing,That is this, the fire list of your fire is quiet.,Causing all parties concerned,So I am free to talk to you.。”
Summer look,“Is it because of the right fish?”
“Um?Ha ha,It seems that you know this.,good,It is said that you have this gods.,Fish right weight will watch,Hey-hey,summer,Fish right is the most talented man in our five series,Be replied as a belonging,Do you have any ideas??”
Summer laughing,“I am only a matter of practice.。”
“Ha ha。”
Gobian laughed again,He naturally understands how many people are in summer.,The words of Fang Cai are just。
Summer is not moving,“Brother,Did this time I saw my nephew??”
“Haven’t found a chance。Can only contact。”
Gogjian’s sense of life is slightly embarrassing,Soon, it’s so fast.,“Su Han and the fish right away private,This time she will go http://www.ffgdkj.cnwith the right weight to watch your game.,And our wood system is always intertwined with your fire.,I have secretly embarrassed a few people.,I will go with them.,Ha ha,I can see Su Chan when I arrive.。”
Hear here,Summer is also。
Gogjian,“I have said you and Su Han.,Ha ha,She is also very interested in enchanting you.,I am so energetic.,summer,Don’t give me your face when you come.。”
“I tried my best.。”
“Ha ha。”
Two people chatted for a moment,Interrupt communication。
Summer low eyebrows,Silence。
This short call,Also slightly more anxious,Gradually calm down。
Deep breathing,A firm color in the eyes,Dare to delay time,Enter the practice again,Crazy transformation of chaos。
Another day,For the outside world,Distance to the Shenfang Bill,Ten days left。
Summer fly out of the gods in the jade bottle,At the same time。
He decided to fight。
Do not practice in the class。
God liquid,But I feel that a lot of magical energy is crazy to pour the limbs.,Circular meridian。
finally,The more god energy is more, the more,Become viscous,Chemical as a sharp http://www.turandot2012.cn blade,Hold in the flesh。
This energy is too sharp and arrogant,Even if the strong body in summer is a bit unbearable。
The body surface of the body is constantly moving the rope。
The energy of the gods, the sword is constantly passing through the flesh and blood meridian bones.,Circular again over again。
Finally, I finally put it into Dantian.。
No pole map crazy rotation,Cut all energy intake,Constantly replay the heavey,Repeat chaos,Crazy recovery。
This is already overloaded.,Summer whole body。
at this time,Outer circumference,Space farm covering unprofitilized and star ring,It’s still slowly running.。