Speaking of Feng Jiaxiao,Fengshan smiled,“Father,That person does not dare to put Tian Peng,He said that Tian Peng’s inheritance is very special,If that person dares to move Tianpeng,It is equal to breaking that pulse,Tianpeng’s master seems to have a big origin.……”

Summer is a color。
Spiral,“I am afraid that I have been tired of Tian Peng.。”
He looks straight into Fengshan,“Rest assured,I will soon save Tian Peng.。”
Summer is not difficult to guess,This matter is only afraid that from the http://www.090fudao.cn head to the end, it is targeting yourself.。
Feng Tianpeng is just implicated.。
When he left Feng family,The killing in the eyes http://www.ningbodianqi.cn has already rising。
He didn’t look for Feng Tianpeng’s drop,I didn’t release the news that I came to the capital.。
Direct drive to the ancient house。
Beichen is not only for ancient cloud,Also in the old family。
Don’t they deal with themselves??
That Laozi will make you wish。
Last time,He changed a look。
This time。
No obscure。
About 40 minutes later,Before the ancient house,Ancient house door,But this will not stop the summer。
He didn’t overlook the wall,Instead, I will open the door.。
However, let him unexpected,Nothing, it is showing and blocking。
There is not much thinking in the summer.,Straighten the backyard of the ancient house。
Not until the past,I heard the front of the front.。
What is going on?
Summer stunned,Immediately speed http://www.yiyangfangchanwang.cn up your shape。
When he arrived in front,Can’t help but。yy1s
On the lawn of this place,Password is full of people who have a house。
Among them, the old home,That is, the father of ancient morning and ancient cloud,Ancient Tank is also in the case。
But they are not the protagonist。