Oki’s no connection,Migraine:“I am going to take myself.。”

Zuo Luo will harder the water,There is no half of your face.。
Several people in the second half of the night are resting behind the water tank,Ji’s sitting next to Qian Mao closed his eyes,To prevent him, what do you know?,Can ask at any time。
December,The weather is getting colder,They are on the top,Low temperature。
There are two big red fabrics from the cinema.,Very thick。Zuo Luoyuan walked over to bend and picked up,Put a piece of snow on the ground to the ground。Hold another red cloth,Shake the http://www.dinghlj.cn dust to the dust,Cut on the alcohol of the water box, the Ji Yumao cover。
http://www.zbxfgc.cn Didn’t sleep, Luo Shayuan, who is guarding night, has a few times.,Torp on the side team:“Take a look at others,Many will protect the captain,You also grab me everything.!”
“team leader,I will sacrifice I will sacrifice tomorrow.,What happened to eat something??”The next player can’t see the behavior of Zuo Luohuan,“Their first military academy is beautiful,This cold wind can’t help but。Unlike our northern military academics,Pink。”
“Don’t know,You can eat it is true.。”Luo Shao’s heart silently envied the first military school。
“team leader,Eating us, but you,I can’t wait to grab it.。”The players can’t help but say truth。
By the next day,Everyone is“I see!”Wake up。
Recently, the nearest comment is woke up.,Looking up to the money to stand up,Get up asking him:“What is there in the file??”Big red cloth covering on the ground,Both people are not intended,Even found。
“team leader,This part is used to make a skeleton machine.。”Qianmao is excited,He originally thought that this is the organizer of the organizer.,It seems that it is not quite right for a night.。
“Skeleton machine this research topic,I also heard。”Northern military school technician,Walk around,“However, it is necessary to have excellent extensive materials to design a touch of bone machine.,At present, the federal has not found this suitable material.。”
“This document has written the material from the robot dog.,Mix another material,Made a skeleton machine。”Qian Mao has rubbed the palm of the palm.,“Parts are scattered in all areas of Leye Township,After finding it,Assemble,Find the right person to put on a hundred enemy。”
“The structural map is quite?”Asked the commentary。
“All right。”Qian Mao will transfer his own brain to the coming。
“The second level is to holduplate,There is no relationship with the bone machine.。”Zuo Luohuan reminded。
Jiang Hong nodded:“Red blue two groups,Not necessarily used to use the bone machine.。”
“That do you have contacts, there is a connection with the third level??”Qian Mao has already spelled the structure.,It’s impossible to give up.。
“We have to find a skeleton machine。”Rosau’s straight white road,“If the second closed red party,Maybe which team finds the most parts of the skeleton machine,Winner。”
Qian Mao graphs:“Then don’t look at it.。”
Northern Military Academic Technicians:“I have already remembered it.。”
A large number of documents can not,But a structural map can still remember。
Discuss,The last red decided to protect bothuDisk security,It is also necessary to find part of the bone machine.。
It’s just that Leye Xiaowei is indeed,Next night,The red and blue group hit it.,And the blue side weapon is significantly better than the red party.。
“They are all high-speed charge guns in their hands.。”Guan Xue protects Qian Ma Ma to escape the intensive pigment bomb,I played a few shots.,Jealousy,“More than my hand。”
Bullet is too intensive,If there is no breakthrough,Red party is here to be slammed by Blue。
“Rosau、Zuo Luo to go to http://www.lyzhizuo.cn the east,Hui ice cover。”Express the quick order,Northern military school people have no objection。
Under the cover of Huibing,Zuo Luo Huan and Rosau circle break through the intensive bullet network,Quickly go to the east。
“I am a big grass.……”