Test the derived array, suddenly erupt a more bright light。

Three crystals are bright,And the fourth spark,Show half,Very fast。
“A character,Three levels of attack power,Big best!”
Last three words,Fire seems to be exhausted,Even the sound appeared slight vibrato。
It is very excited。
Bombard,That’s a bomb,The people around the group are like boiling water.。
Everyone’s face is full of shocking http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn expressions,In the eyes,Is a very strong unbelievable。
Test the derived array of standard restrictions。
No matter the test personal skills,Still test the sword attack power,Unparalleled。
Light a spline,Obstitute a product。
However, there is a tool now.,A product quality,I played the attack power comparable to the second product.。
Do not,Not playing,Instead, beyond the attack power of the second product。
How can this be……Or,how did you do that?
Big best?
Lin Dong and blood in front of the side have grown up,There is a change between the look.。
The two are the same as each other.,Bamboo,Lin Dong void,Put the snake short sword in the hands。
The blood is not hesitant to explore the gods.。
“This is the refining……Legendary big best……”Even with their five-product refining, the identity and http://www.tylhcpa.cn means,Can’t do so。
Unemaife,But the fact!If they can play the ultimate words,Equivalent material,It should be able to refine a small best product,But absolutely less attack power。
Each quality refining,Nature is also distinguished。
Low-level,intermediate,advanced,Small best……Finally is a very general big best!
NS3357chapter Make money refinerie
Big best!Three words。
As if there is boundless magic,Let all people mistakenly,Tongue。
Naturally, Zhou Wei and the righteous。
Although they are only preliminary to hunting,But also know the division of its internal。
simply say,Equivalence,There http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn will be different steps。
This involves the process and techniques of the refineries.,Heart god、Array、Mind、And different understandings of refilms,Change that occurs。
Just like the same quality,Some people refine,Canada,And some people have to exceed the standard。
So I have a low level、intermediate、advanced、Small best、Male division。
Best,In fact, it is perfect。