Before he killed seven life and death,Already all helled by him。

Get seven raw peaks,It’s enough to make him practice for a long time.。
Aim,A group of fog starts,Not within the Lingtai,Start transformation energy。
Transformation from the pure energy,Time to gather through the meridian,Black Devil Dragon opens big mouth,Take it,Swallow。
Have not finished。
These energy needs to be refined by the Dark Dragon,Condensate the most pure energy into the body surface。
Energy is more,Can condensed a raw ribbon。
Three days later,Summer stopped practice。
His emotions are still complex。
Can be described as half。
Hi,His speculation is almost correct。
After that shock,He didn’t dare to practice,Have been deducement。
Just the first time I tried to practice,Everything looks very normal。
Description His road is right。
Worry……That is too slow.。
Make a reason,Energy through the fog transformation,Regardless of precision or purity,Plus this place’s cultivation environment,It’s enough to resist the kindness of the martial arts.。
Still too slow!Under the perception of the mind,It can naturally see the increase in energy at a little bit.。
But these three days of cultivation,It is enough to make the summer to perform and estimate.。
Today, the dark magic dragon body table has eight light ring ribbons,His goal is ten,Almost reach life and death。
But according to the speed of these three days practice,Want to complete the last two aura,At least 20 years!Ten years condensed a cyclic light band。 If others know his speed of practice,I will absolutely jump, he is unknown.。
Because most people have more than ten times more than this。
Summer,Still slow。
He wants to be a year later,Debate the crisis caused by South Palace。
Snapped!Summer wrist shake,A piece of debris appears in the palm。
This is the time flow rate of the ethereal old ancestors.。
After activation,Practice a day,Equivalent to the outside world。
Can so even,The practice is only a year of ten years.。
There is also the most important point,This secret will not be used continuously。
Within three months,The energy inside will be exhausted,Then take three months to supplement。