Wu Ren is also attached,“I know,My brother supports Mr. Jin Shengyuan fights with him.,Many of my peers are opaque,But everyone is now,This person has not seen our circle.,If you pass it out,We will only become a joke。”

have to say,The words of the two are many vulnerabilities,But there are many people believe that。
Without him,This is the first insert。
They themselves have no http://www.ycsykyw.cn feelings for the summer.,I can’t wait to kill him on the spot.。
“of,A little scorpion,What is arrogant?。”
“Correct,True to be invincible in the world??”
“kill him!”
“Correct,Life and death!”
A piece of snoring,Many people are screaming。
When summer appears here,It is such a pair of scenes.。
Bamboo。Hustlester,Suddenly,A gaze,Be unlearable,Enemy。
NS450chapter How to hit http://www.carword.com.cn you
Hong Senwu,Positive hall。
Summer and Luo Qianjin come in,Originally, the scene is quietly quiet。
People are in the process,In the first time, I looked at Luo Qianjin.。
It’s too much to be too eye-catching.。
A tender face like a porcelain doll,It has an extremely graceful and rich posture.,This kind of visual contrary,Let these big men are not swallowed。
Just very fast,People will transfer their attention on your youth.。
In fact,Summer is very famous in the field of freedom,But there are not many people who have seen him.。
Those who have never seen it silently,The eyes are full of curious and examine。
This is the 50% of the fight.……that person?
In addition to some high,Nothing special。
“Those rumors are fake.,I don’t believe that a small face can defeat 50 masters.。”
Silent,I don’t know http://www.shkaibei.cn who said a sentence in the crowd.,Satisfaction and disdain。
“Ha ha。”
Announced people with laughter,I want to resolve the presence of the summer.。
Be right。
Human name,Tree shadow。
The entire freedom fight field is full,That is not the mouth talking,But the truth that is playing with fists。
“You are summer?”
Jin Shengyuan slowly standing up,“Since it is coming,How to stand still,Didn’t dare to come in??”