Zhou Zhiwei fluttering,Occasionally aiming next to Nan Ge,Then quickly recovered。

Nan Ge does not care,She took out a bottle502Glue water,Side:“Behind the door,There is a place that has a high grass,Green oil,Open a flower,Yellow,Like a daisy flower,You have seen it.?”
“How do I feel that it is like a foreign ginger??”
“What is Yang Ginger??”Zhou Zhiye looks at her and pour the glue on the index finger.,And put the thumb up。
“A sort of……A sort of……”Nan Ge put the finger tightly,She doesn’t know how to describe,“Eating,When I was young, there were a lot of our family.,Can be used to mix,Brittle and refreshing,delicious。”
“what are you doing?”
“I want to try it.。”
“Can’t stick!Is it my rubber??You see it is like this.……”Nan Ge was rubbed,Give a look,She rides a dusty on the road to death.,Never fear,“Think I haven’t eaten ginger for many years.。”
“What is your idea?……”
“Hey-hey,I think that is foreign ginger.……”
“No need,Maybe people,May not be the one you said。”Zhou also curiously staring at her finger,He feels that the nanong’s finger is really good.,Well sleeves and white tender,Glue is solidified above,He can’t help but want to touch it.,But I think that Jiannong usually eats walnuts.,He turned back again.。
“Have a reason。”
Nan Ge also points,Peeking with him。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 95 Phaneous porcelain group
University life has been a day。
Unbelievable,But not boring。
Zhou Zhiwei shares the roommate to the roommate,But they are not http://www.emworks.cn embarrassed,Very Swous。Remainder,I didn’t want to eat it.,All brought back home。
The group is adults,May feel that friendship is precious,Eat very happy。
Zhou left the opportunity to take a shower。
Wen water rolled down,Can wash away the tiredness。
Although it is not exhausted。
Wash,Zhou seems to hear a buck,He feels carefully,Fierce——There is a delicate face outside the windshield ventilation window.,See him,The man finally put down the hand of the knockout,Start shouting to him:
“Depth,Open door!”
“Give me a door!”
Zhouzhi all people have done。
After the reaction,He is busy covering towels,And widened the eyes said that it is incredible。
At this time, I saw the blush of the blunt.:“what do you mean,I am drifting for so many years.,I don’t know how much.……”
http://www.hzlingce.cn After a moment,He wrapped in a bath towel to open the door outside.,Distress:“Eat on the table,My aunt gave me,You will be eaten by the group without eating.。”