“hehe……”The king smiles,“Miss Miss,to be honest,Your two artists are not as good as you,If you play,I must give my hands agreed。”He said,Just starting to move your hands。

NS896chapter:he’s changed
NS896chapter:he’s changed
“Snapped……”Le Yu is a slap in the past,The sound is extremely loud。
“what……”Everyone looked at Le Yu’s action,I took a breath.。
I am stunned to watch Le Yu.。
“Sister。”Peng 婳 婳 婳 声,Nervous look at Le Yu。
Le Yu’s bold,Let her open your eyes。
Le Yu’s charming eyes gently glanced at her,Gave her a peace of mind。
Ou Jing, the bottom of the earth,Lu Hao Cheng and Mu Ziyi,Not a woman。
Su Sei Ming has some fear of touching his face.,He never encountered a woman who would play people.。
Mu Zi’s honing light is to look at the music of the straight back.,The eyes are deep and cold。
When did the king have been insulting this。
He quickly got up,I look gloomy look at Le Yu。
Le Yu, this woman has been very high in the circle.,No man conquers her,Since I know that she came to Jiangyou,He is looking forward to cooperating with him.,But I want to cooperate with him.,Can you be so easy?。
Must pay a little price,There will be better development in them.。
But Le Yu, this woman is so don’t know. ,Actually, I played him.。
This makes his dignity,In the entire entertainment industry,It’s a joke。
“Le Yu,Your woman,Really don’t know how to know。”He angry raised his hand,A slap in the past。
Le Yu 妍 妍 本,The body has not moved yet,Wang Gui’s hand,Just intercept one hand behind her。
Le Hao looked at an eye in surprise,I saw that Muzi Hnsuit stood on the ground.。
Body tend to her,The gravity of the half is leaning on her body.。
This long-lost familiar odor,Let Le Yu look deep deeply at Mu Zihao,I have a stormy waves in my heart.,this moment,She actually felt her arms so warm,It is full of security。
Really think……I really want to rely on him.,He feels for her.,Really addictive。
Why are he is here??
And the scene of such a wolf,Actually he saw him。
Mu Zizi’s eyes,But I am cold。
Things for Chinese entertainment,What is the whole entertainment industry,Chinese Entertainment now has a Muzi Hoard,Back to the largest Luke Group in Jiangyou,After the boss,Lu Hao Cheng was mentioned,Snail color。
And Mu Ziyi is sitting in a wheelchair,His means still thunder,Can seek good,And Lu Hao Cheng’s doing style,Since his feet injured,The whole person becomes stable and cold,It is also a great role in the eyes of everyone.。
Wang Gui, watch Muzi,Base anger attack,But still smile:“Mu,How will you be here?”
and,This matter,Do he want to manage??
Do you have to stand up for a small broker??
Although he is more than Mu Zizi,But in the circle,He is also a person with his face.,Many people people don’t dare to sin him.。
Muzi’s honor is indifferent ,“Wang Gui,Hand to a woman,Lose style。”
“hehe……”Wang Guard smiles,“Mu,This woman does not know,Ask for me,Actually dare to hit me,Mu,Le Yu, this kind of wind is not good.。”