Chu Deiren’s twice did not speak……

“My father has been prisoned by the Eastern.,Sex inevitable biased,Xiaomi’s first generation of father to compensate to the son。”Ren Yingying apologizes。
“Nothing,I was originally《Plastic star Dafa》,Before you《Phantom》Agreement,I promised to take help,No matter what happened during the period,if only《Plastic star Dafa》Handle,I don’t affect our agreement.。”Chu Deirers are frightened by Ren Yingying,Come out of the secret,Everyone two clear。
“《Plastic star Dafa》Be here,However, Chu Chuzi wants to take this way.,Little girl is not dependent.……Don’t blame the sister, don’t blame the little girl.。”Ren Yingying specially took the secret,Signature yourself“Not depend”the meaning of。
Chu Deirers also see,Ren Yingying this is also to play itself,The same is true when discusing the rhythmaly!
So the Chu Deirers deliberately——Self-extravaous drink,Directly“No trace”One of the powers in the flat,Throw to Ren Yingying……
“If you have admitted, you have to have a mistake.,Holy Aunt and first drink a cup。”
I saw that this wine glass was actually rotated.,“Slowly”Storm flying to Ren Yingying。
Ren Yingying, I don’t know in it.,But also know this is the upper hidden instrument,But watching the Chu Deirers,Bite the lips、If you can’t get your head broken directly。
Do not make a profit,This cup itself does not have any hurting power,I will reach out,Take easy to take,Just this rotation of strength,Also instant,Water in the cup“Spin”Fly out,Directly shot a crude hole of a chopsticks directly on the roof……
at the same time,Chu Deirers looked up at Ren Yingying,Merride Longhe,I will take the secret on her table to the hand.。
Just in the heart of Yingying,I thought that the Chu Deeman is a way to order my mind and have a boundary.,I only listen to the Chu Deiren:“Since you don’t drink,I have to remember what the sun and moon god will be lost.,As for this secret……Just as the girl is friend relationship,Take the initiative to give me.!”
I heard the Chu Deirers have a little misfortune.,Ren Yingying but rain over the sky,I seem to think about what,Lower low:“Since Chu Chuzi said that the little girl is a friend,That as a friend,Do you ask?……Mons and my father、Also to the left,I have said a little girl.?”
Chapter 280 remind
Ren Yingying really wants to know,What is the guy of Chu Deirers?、Also to the left,Say yourself!
Why are they in front of themselves?,When I mentioned the Chu Deirers,Tone look……eccentric?
When I said,What to say to her,There is also vain friend,Ingredient……
What happened to Chu Deirers and they said?
When I first saw Chu Deirers for the first time,Ren Yingying only feels this guy,It is still good“wack”——After all, I suddenly started selling.,Be very awkward!
Just the Chu Deirers saved the smoke,Then I punish a few people who are suspected of the people and the people.,Ren Yingying is generally impressed with the front.。
But the real impression is full,Is in the Chu Deirers“Sneak”In her plan,And when I am learning the piano,It’s really just to explore the rhythm.……
This is usually controlled by tens of thousands of evil roads.,produced“This person can’t be touched”a feeling of。
Really“curious”Further transition,It is not a long ago,Let me go and ask the day to think that the Chu Deirers have not escaped.,So I comforted by Ren Yingying。
Comfort、Comfort,Ren Yingying started to accept——The Chu Deiren died, I will be very sad.。
And after I learned that the Chu Deman is still alive,Warning that I am righteous,Do not contact the Chu Deirens,Misecting Ren Yingying, indefinite, indefinite to the rebellion,Anniversary,The first time I have a rebellious emotion。
The Chu Deirers were asked by Ren Yingying.——What can I say and they??About Ren Yingying……
Chu Deirens recalls it,Afterwards:“The truth is true.,Don’t you admit!”
Ren Yingying:???
Ren Ying Ying once again got an expected answer,But thinking of being a Chu Deirers,Just release。
“《Plastic star Dafa》I have already handed it over,But you have to know,‘Plastic star Dafa’Although it is possible to absorb the arrogance of the people,But there is no way to adjust the foreigner,Even my father knows the method,It also can’t eradicate this hidden danger。”Ren Yingying’s tone is getting up,Instantly switch to“Speak”status。
Sure enough, the bad old man is very bad.!
hand over《Plastic star Dafa》,It is also the version that is not harmonious.——Probably thinking that Chu Deirers are really practicing,There will be one day.?
However, since Ren Yingying filed,Obviously, at least she doesn’t want to practice this kungfury.。
“Rest assured,I really can practice it after the martial arts.?”Chu Deiren said like this,But the hands are already very honest.,At this time and Ren Yingying,I didn’t pull my eyes from the book.。
Ren Yingying couldn’t help but suffer,一 抿 道:“Previously someone,He is very love to practice,Only trustworthy martial arts,Later, he was wearing a bone under his hand.、Close to the bottom of the lake。”