“But,I am very mindful.。”

Gao Biyi will support the Yuanshi,Smile and patted the dust road on her body:“Be a person,Can you get the foot?,Could it be that,You want to stay in Yucheng?”
This moment,Yuan Shi seems to see the second sugar,And it is a high ocean that is not mad but even。
NS1081chapter The hostile helplessness(1)
“Yo,You came。”
Gao Bao Yi, who is reading a book in the study,I saw the gorgeous dressed in Yuanshi, standing at the door,Crope him。
hehe,This woman will definitely come again.,It is very clear about this Gao Baoyi.。Recently,The other party must have a very bitter,But in order to let the son of high performance go to Changan with her,Yuan Shi will definitely decompose。
“Hose,I don’t understand what I don’t know.,Collide with Wang Ye,Today, I deliberately apologize to Wang.。”
Gao Boyi’s Wearing Green,White skin seems to be,Obviously, I have a good idea.。
“The king is not a small person,But since it is an apology……So,I have to take out some sincerity.。”
At this time, Gao Bi said like a big counter.,Let’s recruit。
Yuan’s light bite red lips,Slowly gone,Then close your eyes,Sit down in the position of the high-Bohai thigh。
As a result, she is sitting on a soft mattress.,The other party actually avoided!
“lady,Please pay yourself!Wear so little to a strange man’s home,But does not keep the woman’s behavior?。”
Gao Biyi laughed meat,This is directly ignited,The other party can’t wait to find a hole to drill in,I want to give Gao Baoyi,But there is no gut。
She is not afraid of death,But she is afraid that her son will die in a hundred years.。
“Prince,Can not be humiliated,What tricks do you have made it?!”
The Yuan’s teeth said。
“You a woman,Talk about what to kill can not be humiliated,Just as you also??”
Directly let Yuan’s dumb fire。
Ancient,Self,It is a sacred ceremony of the noble commitment,Calling your own。Means of,It is also dead,Use your own premium,Can be considered“Killing”。
And Yuanshi is just a woman,Can not be humiliated,Can not be used on her head。
“Hose……You can’t see the color of your body.,It’s not willing to let the body go to Changan in a hundred years.,Then what do you want to think??”
Yuan Shi’s face is sad and angry。If Gao Bi is sleeping directly,Also make people feel comfortable。The result is now,She wants to be slept,People can’t see!
“Actually,Let you take a hundred years to Changan,Not not。”
Gao Biyi smiled at the Yuanshi said:“But there is a condition。”
“I don’t want to recommend the pills.,What conditions can you still agree??”
Yuan Shi’s doubts,She also saw it now.,Don’t look at Gao Bo Yi is not good,But maybe I am not going to do for her?。
“tonight,Go to Tianping Temple waiting,Notify you when it is.。remember,If you run,So,I caught the high hundred years.,He will die。”
I heard this,Yuan’s heart is tight,Not dare to speak more,I don’t dare to violate Gao Baoyi orders.,Directly out of the study。She is awkward,Also shame,It can be said that from small to big, there is no such humiliation.。