Xia Jian greeted Zhao Hong to walk inside the house,Said with a smile:“This is a matter of time,Besides, only through Zhang Er’s mouth,Which of our sluggards in Xiping Village can go further,This will clear the obstacles in advance for the construction of a new countryside in Xiping Village in the future“

“What would I say if someone asks about it?”Zhao Hong asked again。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is easy to say!You said it was reported to the province,Once the project is approved,Our village can be built,It’s not easy”
“Damn!Stop blowing。What is the situation in this new countryside??You have to tell me the actual situation”Zhao Hong said expectantly。
Xia Jian lowered his voice and said to Zhao Hong:“This project has already been approved,Just in the flat city。Because the market considers。There are some towns in our city,Don’t talk about getting out of poverty,Haven’t even solved the food and clothing。And our Xiping Village is about to build a new countryside,This is a bit out of touch,So have to wait”
“is it?It seems that Xiping Village is very good now“Zhao Hong said,Can’t help but laugh。
at this time,Sun Yuejuan has walked in with the fried vegetables,Zhao Hong said with a smile:“Aunt!Looks like I’m good at Zhao Hong again”Seeing Zhao Hong being so easygoing,Xia Jian is happy from the heart。
First1001chapter Return from purchase
The twenty-ninth day of the twelfth lunar month,Xia Jian got up early。
Because Zhao Hong ate at his house last night,Everyone is like a family after dinner,Sitting on the hot kang and chatting till twelve o’clock。Sun Yuejuan sent Zhao Hong out,So Xia Jian can only go back to the house and sleep honestly,He is too embarrassed to climb the wall again,I believe that Zhao Hong can still understand him。
The heater is on in Da Ben,Xia Jian sitting in the car,Driving the car very attentively。Because of the snow that melted during the day yesterday,Now it has formed Qingbing again。As soon as the tire hits,Always skidding。No matter how bold Xia Jian is,,But he didn’t dare to make fun of his life with such adventurous things。
So although he got up very early,But when he arrives in the city,It’s already past eight。Mu Rong Sisi, who was packing things, saw Xia Jian coming,Just swoop,Plunged into his arms。Cold and moist lips,Then posted it up。
If it’s not in a hurry,Xia Jian might have picked her up early。When Xia Jian went out,Dad repeatedly told him to come back soon,Because rural people pay more attention to the New Year,There are so many things waiting for him to do。
Mu Rongsisi family lives in the countryside,And the conditions are relatively backward,So when Mu Rong Sisi went back,Bought a lot of things。Da Ben’s trunk is almost full。
Out of town,Once on the country road,Xia Jian drove the car very slowly, This kind of road surface mixed with ice and water,Actually very difficult to open。Plus the road is narrow,It will cause trouble if you are not careful。
So less than 40 kilometers away,Actually walked for two hours。Mu Rong Sisi asked Xia Jian to drive Da Ben to the gate of her house,Invite a group of little kids to chase after you。