If it weren’t for this kind of behavior, it would be vicious,Zhu Minglang wants to applaud this group of villains in the sin city,The industry is so smart,Not an easy task。

Zhu Minglang looked around,I really didn’t let myself down,The big guy who sold his own spirit leaf soul orb is really there,He is staring at himself maliciously,Obviously I want to get it back from my own hands!
These vendors,All through……
“How,brothers,I said that this woman is beautiful and beautiful,Didn’t let the big guy down?”The bald brother laughed lewdly again。
“Don’t be too careless,She is a mortal。”
“That man is a general-level dragon shepherd,There should be a general-level spirit wood dragon beast。”At this moment,The man who exchanged soul beads with Zhu Minglang said。
I wish Minglang speechless for a while。
Turns out it can be like this!
From the quality of the material exchanged between the other party and oneself,Roughly infer the opponent’s strength。
Their industrial chain is very mature!
“You deal with the latter group of people,I solved the previous,Such a guy doesn’t need to stay alive。”Zhu Minglang whispered to Nan Lingsha beside her。
“Something you provoke,Do it yourself。”Nan Lingsha’s noble gesture that she doesn’t want dirty hands at all。
“girl,You have amnesia again?”I wish Minglang helpless。
There are many fat sheep entering the city of sin,Why people just stare at them,It’s not that the bald brothers are resentful。
“sister,Those two bald heads,You are the stinky rascal who almost hanged during the day。”Fang Niannian whispered。
“Oh,Let Zhu Minglang handle that too。”Nan Lingsha seems to just remember,She probably handles this kind of garbage a lot,Completely careless。
Zhu Minglang has summoned Tyrannosaurus Thunder,The black thunder scales all over its body look very scary,There are some electric ripples from time to time,Set off the entire tall and majestic body even more wild and fierce!
“Oh oh!!!!!”