“Hey-hey,It is indeed considered it.,But there is still a key issue,That is to develop the mountains that need the government nodded.,It also needs supervision。”

Ye Shuangzhou for this issue,I feel that the root is not a problem.。
“This thing gave me,I am solved,However, this mountain is developing, you are ready to take a line of charge or a free route?”
“Forehead,I want to go free,Just love the environment,Love the mountain,Do not destroy,Free is completely acceptable。”
I heard Li Hui Feng to engage in free,Ye Shuangzhou directly frowned。
“You want free?
Who will send the money of the ropes??
There are also sanitation workers who need not small expenses.,These you have to think about it.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect this to have such problems。
“Let’s charge?”
“Toll,Be charged,Ten dollars a ticket is good,Parking fees are also considered,Write a provision of charge of one article。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect that the pricing of Ye Shuangzhou is actually ten pieces.。
“Forehead,Leaf big brother,You have never thought about our development of the money, it seems to invest in the place.!”
“Hey-hey,Natural way,We can cooperate with the tourism society,Even you can engage yourself,At the same time, there will be some of the right to say to the right to control,Of course, these will talk to the government.,As for the development needs,How much are you ready to invest??”
Ye Shuangzhou said this is sorry when it is。
After all, he didn’t say his own heart.。
However, Li Hui has not cared about it.。
“Invest in a period of 100 million,After all, it is free.,I contributed to my hometown.。”
“Forehead,One billion is indeed a lot,But your little child is really reluctant,I thought you invest tens of millions of。”
Ye Shuangzhou also didn’t expect Li Hui’s power to be so big.。
“Hey-hey,After all, my home,My roots are here,In fact, the mountain is good.,The village can I also follow the light.。”
“Row,At that time, the right to speak, I will give you to maximize it.,I can even let you control all,After all, your boy is guaranteed.。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect this to rose to the problem.。
“Hey-hey,That Ya brother,The question of travel agency is not to let me consider?”
“Haha, your kid doesn’t say,I will also pull you in.,After all, you have invested a billion.,Don’t let you go back to this behavior?
However, the travel agency premise will definitely not earn too much.,And now most of the tour guides run around the world,But I am going to engage in one-on-one precision service.,Then the scenery explanation,There is also the speech of the flowers and trees in the mountains.。”
Ye Shuangzhou said this,Li Hui Rong remembered Zheng Mingshan,Jiang Yuwan’s old professor。
At the beginning, he remembers Zheng Mingshan promised to live.,But there is no news。
And the leaves of the leaves said,He feels Jiang Yuwan,Zheng Mingshan’s old professors should completely compete for the work of training.。
“Leaf big brother,I feel that I can help this.。”
Li Lai also knows the talents in this area?”
“Hey-hey,It is no longer called talented.,It should be the talents of the country’s pillars.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said so.,Ye Shuangzhou is more curious。
He now knows so many big guys.,It is also very curious.。
Obviously Li Hui has not run around,But people know less than him.。
In particular, Li Hui suddenly said a person.,Then this person is a big level。
“Lee brother,You said this,I am more curious.。”
Chapter 112 should be strong
I heard the leaves of the leaves.,Li Rong Life:“Leaf big brother,At that time, I will definitely introduce it to you.,My strawberries also have fruit and wood.。”