Hehe smiled and said:“I have a comrade in arms who just got out of the army。He is also a special soldier,It can be said that he is better than me。If you need,I can ask him to come over for an interview。You guys review it,If there is no problem, you can keep him”

“How did the special forces retreat?Then you have some time to retreat”
Talking room,The car has been parked downstairs in the Chuangye Building,Xia Jiangang got off,Lin Wei ran over and said:“President Xia!Everyone is waiting for you in the meeting room,Why is your phone turned off?”
“Oh!Closed last night,Forgot to open。I’ll be up right away,See who else hasn’t come。Today’s meeting is more important,Those notified must go to the place?”
Xia Jian said,And quickly walked into the lobby on the first floor。He walked into the elevator in the lobby,I scanned the hall with my eyes。The two female clerks at the front desk saw Xia Jian’s sharp eyes,Straightened up immediately,This is majesty。I don’t have to say it out loud,As long as you take a look。
Lin Wei followed Xia Jian,Xia Jiangang entered the meeting room,She quickly brought the brewed tea。If there are a lot of people sitting in the original meeting room。
“Let’s start the meeting, Mr. Wang!”
Xia Jian said to Wang Lin who was sitting next to him。Wang Lin nodded,Then moved the microphone to her,Then he said loudly:“Today’s meeting has two agendas。The first one is demolition,The second is the year-end summary。Everyone prepares relevant information,Speak bravely for a while”
Xia Jian coughed dryly and then said:“On the issue of demolition,Everyone has a good idea,Speak out in a while,Once adopted,We will have corresponding rewards”
First2655chapter Annoyed Lei Lei
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Dragon Ball stood up and said:“I think the demolition work can be based on actual conditions,In batches。We first send someone to investigate in private,Make file analysis for each demolished household,Understand their actual difficulties,Then take different demolition measures”
“Manager Long is right,We did this early。But this workload is huge,And many people don’t cooperate,Talking nonsense to our investigators,What’s more, they will use words to attack personally,I really don’t understand what they are thinking”