On the market,More and more onlookers。

They can’t believe it,I wish the city lord actually brought up the dean of Shenfan Academy。
Many people still remember a few days ago,Lian Feiling’s superb look in front of the city gate,When taking out the sentence,More like a judge sentenced the city to death!
Even Feiling’s teeth will be crushed,But had to bend down,Head down。
“Our Divinity Academy did not handle this matter properly,Is our negligence。”Even Feiling finally said this sentence。
“Our Shenfan Academy has issued an announcement,There will be people who persecute the residents of Runyu City,Must be heavily penalized,Next few days,Please rest assured。But I still recommend that you move out of this city as soon as possible。”Liang Zhong also said。
The assailants have been dealt with one by one,The news also spread quickly。
People persecuted in Runyu City,It’s equal to an explanation。
of course,Zhu Minglang also uses spiritual veins as an excuse,Let Shenfan Academy pay a sum of money,Only allowed them to leave。
This money,Zhu Minglang gave it to Junshi Yao,Let Yao Junshi distribute it to the residents of Runyu City who have suffered this time。
If they want to migrate out of this city,The money should be enough for them to make a home on the new land。
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