Xie Kun slapped the table with anger,The lights in the house are all on。Xia Jian can see clearly,This person is only 30 years old,It just gives people the feeling of a person who often mixes with wine and vocals。

“it is good!The old Luo family really deserves its reputation,Even a nanny who cooks is clever。I won’t go around with you。Xia Jian!Your relationship with Luo Yi should be over,Then you still comeGZWhat to do?”Xie Kun finally said his true intentions。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help laughing:“Luckily, you’re still an outsider。Excuse me, boss!ThisGZIt’s her family?”
“Is not!butGZSo many hotels,Why don’t you live somewhere else?I want to live in the Luo family”When Xie Kun said this,The sound is a bit out of control。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You are so funny。You may not know,Besides knowing Luo Yi,My grandmother and I were also good friends。Don’t even talk about his dad Luo Jun。And Ali,You see how our relationship is”
“Luo Yi is engaged to someone like you,She was really wronged”That’s it for Xia Jian,Also furious。
Xie Kun heard what Xia Jian said,Suddenly laughed out loud:“I thank Kun, don’t leave flowers and willows,If it wasn’t for the old man forcing me,How could I be engaged to a woman like Luo Yi,What do you think of her,What do you have Xia Jian?”
Xie Kun’s words are a bit cruel,If Luo Yi is there,,She must be furious。
“You bastard Xie Kun!I look like a bastard,Talking nonsense about our lady。You wait,I will take what you said tonight,Tell all to our lady”Ali furious,Shouted angrily。
The muscles on Xie Kun’s face twisted,He pushed up step by step。He said to Ali coldly:“Stop calling,What kind of stuff is your lady like,Others don’t know,I Xie Kun knows everything。Except for her dirty hands,Not clean”
“Pooh!You are really shameless”Ali is angry,Spit on Xie Kun。
Xie Kun laughed and said:“how?What can’t you stand?I tell you,When Luo Yi came out to mess with society,Do you know how crazy she is?”
Xie Kun still wants to go on,But Xia Jian refused,He stepped forward,Pointing at Xie Kun’s nose and shouting:“What do you want to do?Speak straight!”
“it is good!Good guy。To be honest,We have been following you for a long time,This time you come,My people just followed you。Since you are a straight man,I’m not welcome。Which bronze lion to keep,I like this thing”It turns out that Xie Kun’s real intention is here。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,He said coldly:“What if i don’t want?”
First2252chapter Great nanny
“Hahahaha!Do you think you still have a choice?”Xie Kun’s face changed drastically,Become hideous。He approached Xia Jian step by step,Staring with two big eyes,As if to swallow Xia Jiansheng。