“Elder Tu took someone to catch the guy who caused the trouble,President Ma went to bring their people back,By the way, I can help Tujia,After all we are all a victim。”

Old man Ma raised his head:“I can,I’m just afraid that Elder Tu won’t let go。”
Watching two people singing and singing,Elder Tu has already made up his mind to clean up the two,But it’s not an opportunity yet。
“it is good,It doesn’t matter if you want to follow,But then the sword has no eyes,It’s not about my butcher’s business if you hurt you!”
The other party finished,Take someone away。
Old Man Ma and Old Huang glanced casually,Followed with other people。
The current situation is clear,Even if they don’t make a move,I’m afraid the Tujia won’t let them go,It’s better to gather the forces that can be assembled together。
obviously,Xia Chenglong is the most important one。
For the danger of approaching,Xia Chenglong didn’t know it,The two of them are still walking in the passage,Find the entrance to the next place。
Tu Cancan follows,Hesitating eyes,Seems to be anxious about something,But in the end I stomped my feet,Keep up。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Golden Palace
The road here is changing as we move forward,From the very beginning granite to a special material,The color gradually becomes golden。
For Xia Chenglong or Tu Cancan this is nothing,After all living in a top family,I’m used to seeing all kinds of rare things on weekdays。
If you let those Xiaokai see,I’m bound to be surprised that I can’t even walk,Even the whole person will lie on the wall,A look of greed。
Because this channel is made of gold。
“gold”Array,As the last magic circle,Really worthy of the name,Can use so many rare materials,Can imagine how powerful the Tujia was before。
These have nothing to do with what they are going to do next,Xia Chenglong in front,Tu Cancan just walked quietly behind。
So far, things are pretty good,At least the surrounding scenery is real。
Tu Cancan followed,Xia Chenglong stopped and let the woman accidentally hit her back,The skull hurts to death,I really don’t know what this man’s body is made of。