Always insist on car safety“60Long live!”Japanese brand,Although the cars sold in the U.S. market have been specifically improved and partially reinforced,But it was just barely able to pass50Kilometers per hour test standard only,right nowIIHSChange the test speed from the previous50The kilometer per hour suddenly increased to56Kilometers per hour,And also added the front double side40%Paranoid crash test,This is dying,How to do?

no solution anymore!
For Japanese cars,The U.S. market’s sales have become larger and larger in their global sales,Especially Honda、The three giants Toyota and Nissan,Sales in the U.S. market have accounted for their global sales35%More,anyway,None of them can give up the American market,Since we can’t give up the American market,No time to develop a new generation of models,So the only way right now is to quickly find ways to enhance the safety of the car。
It happened at this time,AMCCar activeIIHSFiled an application,pleaseIIHSRight in advanceAMCMany of its cars are tested。
As soon as the news comes out,The whole United States is in an uproar:Fernandez·Chen this guy,forAMCIs the quality and safety of the car so confident??
forIIHSSay,Such a good hot spot,If you don’t catch it quickly, you’ll be too sorry for yourself,They responded immediately,That since Mr. Fernandez is so confident in his products,IIHSA batch will be purchased immediately on the marketAMCCar,Testing with new collision standards。
IIHS’S response came out,In the U.S. marketAMCCar sales rose suddenly。
Common people are not stupid,inIIHSWhen more stringent testing standards are proposed,AMCThe car even dared to take the initiative to test in advance,This shows what?This explainsAMCConfident that the quality of their products is really not ordinary,AMCAmong the four major U.S. auto brands, cars are already fuel-efficient and reliable in quality.,Now they themselves are so confident in the safety of the car,What else to say?
Also at this time,The U.S. auto parts industry headed by Lille has made its own voice。
They said,Japanese cars have an increasing share of the U.S. market,Now the market share in the US has reached30%,However, the proportion of auto parts purchased by Japanese cars from the U.S. market is still insufficient10%,This means that while Japanese automakers have invaded American workers’ jobs,,Has not given the United States enough returns。
The U.S. Auto Parts Industry Appeals Through the National Auto Parts Association:Require the government to draw a line for the Japanese auto industry by way of executive order,How many cars did they sell in the U.S. market,You must purchase the corresponding proportion of auto parts,The United States must increase corresponding employment opportunities,Instead of making money in the U.S.,While squeezing American jobs。
For Americans,The job problem is undoubtedly an extremely sensitive issue,If it weren’t for the entire U.S. auto parts industry,Americans still don’t know that the share of Japanese cars in the U.S. market has reached such a high level.,Not to mention that the localization of Japanese cars in the United States is so low,America suddenly boiled。