Because when I was in Qingshui Village two days ago,Yunxiang stepped on his head and hit him with a crit,The injury is not healed,Still in bandage。

The staff of the intermediary company watched Song Kangsong really put on the helmet,Didn’t say anything,People are sick,You can’t let others remove the bandage, right?。
So he directly started the little eDonkey,Carrying Song Kangsong,From the nearest road,Drove out of the city。
Ran for ten minutes,When crossing a bridge,They were stopped by two men in suits wearing sunglasses。
Intermediary company staff wondered,When you want to say something,Song Kangsong in the back seat jumped out of the car,Turn around and run back。
he knows,These people must have been sent by the bastard Qin Feng to find him。
really,Did not wait for him to run a few steps,Was knocked down by a man in a suit。
And when the head is in close contact with the ground,Knocked the unhealed wound on the head,Despite the bandage,I still feel that the wound is opening again,The pain made him grinning。
The man in his suit chuckled:“Don’t run,Our young master please!”
Song Kangsong’s only thought when he heard this was two words:Over!
Song Kangdong’s bandage is so obvious,Qin Feng must be easy to find,So I found it immediately。
Then the man in the suit gave several thousand yuan to the staff of the agency,Let him go,Their company is going to close,You don’t have to go back to work。
The staff of the intermediary company saw this good thing,Both eyes are shining。