Qi Hongye couldn’t help but say:“It must be valuable!The most expensive painting in China,It should be Tang Bohu’s painting, right?It is said that more than 3 billion shots,I forgot what it was called。”

Even Hua Tsai took a breath,More than 3 billion?Are you serious?
Not to mention Ye Mei,Dumbfounded。
Populus shook his head,I saw someone discussing in the live broadcast room,So expose this lie:“online,About Tang Yin《Lushan Waterfall View》I shot 3.6 billion of this thing,In fact,There is no such thing。
In fact,Tang Bohu’s most expensive painting is less than 100 million。
And we put it in the auction in China,The most expensive painting is by Qi Baishi《Landscape Twelve Screens》,National treasures of art,A sky-high price of over 900 million was sold,Also refreshed the record of Chinese painting。”
of course,It cannot be said that the most precious painting in China is Qi Baishi’s《Landscape Twelve Screens》。Like《River on the Qingming Festival》Wait,Definitely better than《Landscape Twelve Screens》precious,But those national treasures,How could it be auctioned?Even an exhibition,Also have to be careful。
The audience in the live broadcast room was also in an uproar,I didn’t expect it to be fake news?But on the Internet, just search for Tang Bohu’s most expensive paintings,Will pop up 3.6 billion《Lushan Waterfall View》。
“Temporarily in the history of world auctions,The most expensive painting is Leonardo’s《Savior》,Shoot out4.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Converted to RMB is 27、Around 2.8 billion,It hasn’t reached 3 billion!and so,You can imagine whether this news is true or false。
of course,It’s not that I belittle my country’s painting art。But internationally,It is indeed still based on Western works。at this point,We have to admit。”Hu Yang told everyone。
It is said that,First collection of this《Savior》Of the collector’s family45I sold the pound,I don’t know if I regret it now.。
Ye Mei still exhaled heavily,Rao is so,A painting is almost 900 million,Is also terrible?How much money can ordinary people make in their lifetime?Ten million, right??Still have nearly a hundred people,Use my life,To buy a painting together,Unbelievable。
Hu Yang continued:“As for this picture,Not well-known,I have to ask Chairman Fang about them,See if they can find some information about this painting。but,I can be sure,This painting is in many works of Tang Yin,It’s medium to upper level,Thousands of millions should not be a problem。”
Ye Mei doesn’t know what to say,One morning,Or a time less than morning,Make almost ten million,Who can make sense?
Many people open factories,On a smaller scale,Net profit for one year,Probably not so much。
No wonder,Jingzi told her last night,Brother Hu didn’t put one hundred and hundreds of thousands in his eyes,So tens of thousands of dollars,He didn’t bother to pick it up,Generally, let the people around you take advantage。
It seems,This is not wrong。If she has the ability of Brother Hu,,Things of tens of thousands of dollars may not be appreciated。
She admires,How did Brother Hu easily determine,This is true?have to say,This vision of discovering treasures,Really easy to get rich。
At this moment,Hu, continue to point:“See this print?Liang Qingbiao,This is a very famous collector in Qing Dynasty、Connoisseur。Have his seal,It also provides strong evidence for this work。”
He told everyone,Liang Qingbiao is one of the most important collectors in the Qing Dynasty。How big are you?