“Damn!Are those badgers stealing chickens again?”John·Paul cursed,He picked up the iron fork beside the chicken coop,Looking at the probe。

There isn’t that damn badger in the chicken coop,Only one very special chicken,This chicken stood dumbly in the middle of the cage,Looks quite different from the crowd。
John·Paul knew it at a glance,That’s not my own chicken,Because this chicken is so weird,The coat is very pure,Gray and plain,And motionless,Just like that idiom often spoken by Chinese,transfixed,Correct!That’s what I mean。
then,John·Paul stretched out the fork,Trying to drive away that strange chicken。
The iron fork stabbed the dull chicken,It actually doesn’t move。
John·Paul thought his distance estimate was wrong,I stretched my arm again,Stabbed the fork vigorously on the wing of the dull chicken。
result,That foolish chicken suddenly flapped its wings,As if a peerless master used a rooster fluttering feathers,Suddenly, the waves are rolling,Blow the whole chicken coop to pieces,Fall apart。
The chickens in the chicken coop were blown to pieces by the air wave,Even John·Paul himself was blown upside down by this blast,I don’t know where the steel fork in my hand is flying.。
Wait till he finally gets up,Found that his chicken coop was completely destroyed,Ruins and broken walls all over the floor,But the strange chicken still stays in place,Continue to be dumbfounded。
How about this farmer John·Paul is also a honest man,This buddy’s grandmother is Russian,With the blood of a quarter of the fighting nation,So his first reaction was not why this chicken is so strange,But it ruined Laozi’s chicken coop,I want it to pay for my life。
Angry John·Paul rushed into the house rolling all the way,Took out the binocular hunter handed down from his grandfather·gun。
Thunder·Double-barrel hunting·gun,The barrel is polished,The gun has been maintained with good gun oil,Although it is an old gun,But the power is definitely strong enough。
John·Paul strode out of the house,Flat-end shotgun,Aim at the dumb chicken on the ground,Raising your hand is a shot。
boom!Gun smoke cleared,The dumb chicken still stands in place,Only one feather scattered on the ground。
John·Paul was stunned,His marksmanship is accurate,The shot just hit the chicken,How could it still not fall?
then,John·Paul pulled the trigger again,He aimed very accurately,Hands are also very stable。
boom!Another shot。
This time,John·Paul even saw the bullet hit the chicken with his own eyes,And sparks spattered。