And stayed with me for so many years until today。Xiao Fan felt that some things should be brought up early,Can really do these things well,Otherwise, many times you may just think about it,But did not act。

There is no way to really do these things well,It will bring unnecessary trouble,He doesn’t want these bad things to happen,But I hope to do more things that I don’t regret in my limited time。
Able to cherish the people and things around you,Able to seize the most precious time,He did have a lot to do after he came back from this business trip,But the reason why he brought it up first,Just what he wants。
Let Lin Yuna know,In his own heart he is the most important,As long as he wants to do nothing,Then Xiao Fan will accompany her first,Or take him as the first important person。
So in fact, many times Xiao Fan also knows that what he is doing may not be correct,But he must consider the overall situation,Many people must be considered because that way, many people will not be in dire straits.。
He doesn’t want to see so many innocent people being hurt,Persecuted by those who do evil。So when I was on the mission,He also thought about these issues,He wants to solve all these things in his heart。
But he knows these things will never be completely solved,New things will always happen,There will always be some people hurt,Xiao Fan also knew that these things couldn’t be completely eliminated on his own.。
But he is also doing his best to help these people,I hope these people can get rid of the sea of suffering as soon as possible,Be able to live your own life,And then live the life you want。
Instead of being hurt or persecuted,Those who are persecuted by the evildoers can’t live their lives well,Xiao Fan hopes that he can do his best to live a better life。
So actually many things are not the main thing for him,Not a must,But in his heart he feels that he has a clear conscience after doing it,After doing it, it can make these people live better。
Then these things he did are meaningful。As for some other things,Although the school manager knows,But he rarely speaks out,Or discuss these things with others。
He also knows that many things are not as simple as they seem,Even if he really wants to help other people,But some things he did can be considered trustworthy,At least in the eyes of many people,He is really killing people without blinking or doing vicious things。
But actually only he knows,What he did is worthy of the sky and the ground worthy of everyone around him,That’s why he did that,Otherwise, how could he do so many things?。
And when others say he is not a good person,He must be able to persist in doing these things,Because he knows what he is after,I also know that these things I do are good and bad,Know more about what you believe in。
I also know what I want to do with my brother,Instead of just relying on this kind of other people’s speculation or other people’s speculation to calm one’s mood and change one’s approach。
Because that’s not Xiao Fan’s true intention。So all these years,He doesn’t care what others think of him,Don’t care what others think,But he cares what people around him think of him。
So what does he do,People around him know why he does this,Also understand that what he is doing is good or bad,For the sake of others,So these questions were actually thought about by Xiao Fan a long time ago。
But the reason why I said these things today,It’s just that he feels that some things can’t be delayed any longer,Because of that,Maybe I really can’t grasp the happiness around me,Some people can bear it again and again。
But it doesn’t mean that you can keep backing down,Always cautious。Sometimes the relationship will gradually fade,Xiao Fan doesn’t want him and Lin Yoona to go on a path of no return,Or two people regret each other。