“what?what!No,I just think,I seem to have grown a lot of meat recently,I’m always in your arms,I’m afraid of crushing you again,and so,I just thought about it otherwise,I’d better go sit next to you。”

Lin Yoona was talking,While increasing his body movements。
Seeing Lin Yoona was about to break free from her arms,Xiao Fan smiled and pulled Lin Yun’er back again。
“Little fool,Where did you grow meat,I think you have a little less meat recently?”Finished,Xiao Fan looked badly at a certain part of Lin Yun’er。
Lin Yuner didn’t understand what Xiao Fan’s words meant at first.,Because when she was just now,The reason why I said to Xiao Fan that I seem to have grown flesh,It’s nothing more than just finding a reason casually,I just want to get out of Xiao Fan’s arms quickly。
Where there is a special point out!
but,Even though Lin Yoona doesn’t know what Xiao Fan meant,but,He saw Xiao Fan’s wicked look,She still faintly noticed a trace of anxiety in her heart。
That’s what this guy said is definitely not that simple。
then,Lin Yuner was just after listening to Xiao Fan’s words,I followed Xiao Fan’s gaze and saw a certain part of his body,but,Just when Lin Yoona’s eyes fell there,It exploded immediately。
Chapter Ninety Seventy Confession caught off guard
Lin Yuner immediately put her hands around her chest,After being self-protected,Then he glared at Xiao Fan。
“Xiao Fan,You bad guy,Where are your eyes looking??”Lin Yoona couldn’t help but make her voice too loud。
and,She still seems to feel that her expression is not enough to express her dissatisfaction with Xiao Fan’s actions just now.,So I raised my voice without realizing it。
Really,Before this time,Why didn’t you find it,Xiao Fan is so muffled。
Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yoona,Then he smiled and said to her:“Yoona,Did you forget what happened last night?,so,Your present position,Where is the real meaning??”
Xiao Fan’s words can be said to have completely inspired Lin Yoona’s small universe。
This guy has the face to talk to himself about last night,I have to regret it because of this,He even mentioned it again。