It turned out that Lu Menglin was wrong,Whether it is Mu’s,Or the Beigong family,Looks right to this one“Well Zhongyue”The sword is quite minded。

Bei Gongwang holds this in his hand“Well Zhongyue”War knife,Just hesitate,He handed it to Mu Feiyan with grace。
“Non-smoke,It’s up to you to appraise。Our Beigong family doesn’t lack this!”Bei Gongwang smiles。
Mu Feiyan nodded,Took that one“Well Zhongyue”,She injected a light pattern power into it,There was a silver brilliance on the blade immediately。
“Haha!Good luck!Is the best!Attack has a bonus,The value of this well Zhongyue can be at least three to five times。”Mu Feiyan laughed。
Bei Gongwang heard this,I couldn’t help but feel a little sad,He intended to sell well,I don’t know that it is really the best Jing Zhongyue sword,Then the price of this good sale is really painful。
He is carrying a handful“ruling”,ratio“Well Zhongyue”High-end equipment,But that“ruling”Not his own,For this mission,Specially borrowed from the family warehouse。
An ordinary Jing Zhongyue sword is nothing to him,But a best Jing Zhongyue war knife is different,Even if Bei Gongwang doesn’t use it,,Can also be used as rewards to subordinates,Improve the combat effectiveness of subordinates。
but,Even if I feel unhappy,But Beigongwang still has a city government,But there is no change in my face,After a daze,Still smiling。
“Congratulations to Feiyan!”Bei Gongwang smiled。
Mu Feiyan thought for a while,Reach out this superb“Well Zhongyue”Handed it back to Bei Gongwang,There was a hearty smile on his face,Tao:“Do not,This knife belongs to your Beigong family!I took advantage of the ghost suit just now,Can’t break the rules。And there are many soldiers in your family,Just fit。”
I heard Miss Mu Feiyan say that,The soldiers in the Mu family suddenly bowed their heads,Of course they want the best well Zhongyue,But Missy spoke,Of course they dare not say anything。
Seeing this knife lost and recovered,Bei Gongwang is naturally extremely happy,It’s just that it didn’t show up at all,Instead shook his head,Looking at Mu Feiyan with a fond look。
“Ha ha!You ah you!Just too real,Too rules!Well,Brother, I won’t be polite to you!”