Self-deprecating smile,But Han Zhili became curious again,Who is that Cai Kunpeng?,Can actually alarm Li Hongyuan。

Wei Wei is a little puzzled,Han Zhili asked in a low voice,“Are you trying to kill people??”
“how is this possible!”
Li Hongyuan laughed and waved his hand,Said with a smile:“We are all legal citizens,It’s not that turbulent era anymore!Just business,But on your turf,So I’m afraid you will love the younger generation,Can’t help but help!”
“Won’t see red?”
Han Zhili asked seriously,Li Hongyuan also answered seriously,Han Zhili finally nodded in disappointment to show that he knew it,And messed up Li Hongyuan’s way。
Seeing Li Hongyuan looking at himself puzzled,Han Zhili just said a little perfunctory,“As long as it’s not too much,And don’t affect my students,otherwise,I won’t give your face this time!”
Looking at Li Hongyuan,Han Zhili’s look is serious,I just didn’t say the word warning.。
“How could something like that happen!It is nothing more than some means of commercial competition!”
Li Hongyuan smiled calmly,Han Zhili woke up suddenly,Watching Li Hongyuan’s question word by word:“You want to start with the newly established student aid foundation?”
Li Hongyuan continues to smile,Neither admit nor deny。
“Is this regarded as Jingcheng bullying Wanghai??”