This is how to do?

But where does the reporter take care of these so-called staff,What they want is first-hand news。
“This gentleman from abroad,I don’t know what you need to publish?I didn’t hear clearly before,You mean to say,Our country’s airport staff deliberately embarrass you,Then there will be international disputes,do you mean this?”
“Yes,look,My documents are all here。They want to arrest me,I just want to ask,Am I International Wanted??I’m not!Did i commit a crime?I do not have,Then what right do they have to do with me?And I have shown my share,They even questioned me。I feel sad for your country,Why are there such low-quality people?the most important is,They still insult my people。Listen to what these words are!”
Talking,Qin Feng turned up a video on his phone,This is obviously a secret shot just now。
Inside, the two staff members just talked and mocked coldly。Even the sound is recorded very clearly。
“I rub!”
“I’m like your lungs,When did you record the video?”
These people quit,I want to rush to snatch Qin Feng’s phone,Because these are important evidence,Once it is publicized,Not only will their jobs be lost。May even face jail,This is unacceptable。So no matter what,They all grab the phone。
“Help,Robbery!The airport staff hit someone!”Qin Feng is also excitingàn)of,Yell at this moment,Attract more people’s attention。Even the crowds on the periphery have begun to take pictures and even video。
At this time Qin Feng acted as a weak person,Fall directly to the ground,Then put the phone in your hands。
And from an outsider’s point of view,That was Qin Feng being pushed to the ground,At the same time he was beaten badly。
Within two minutes,The real official law enforcement officers will come and take all relevant personnel away。
But they are very polite to Qin Feng。
no way,Because countless videos have been uploaded,In this era of self-media, it is difficult for them to be official。Because if you do a little thing, it will be magnified countless times。