Hainan Airlines "her" power unremitting struggle scores to write people’s chapters

  March 8, 2022 is the 112nd "March 8th" International Labor Women’s Day. According to Hainan Aviation Holdings Co., Ltd., after joining Liaoning Fangda Group, Hainan Aviation Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as "" Hainan Airlines ") stepped step by step. A famous HNA struggled in their posts to help the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, especially women. As an indispensable part, with the pride and efforts of not to make the eyebrows, they continue to bloom in Hainan Airlines. " She "power.

They are full of confidence because of no regrets, and continue to struggle to pursue their dreams, and write moving chapters on the road to a new journey.

Zheng Xinxia, ??the first generation of Hainan Airlines. Xinhuanet sent her to her youth without regrets. For 30 years, the "Magnolia Tree" that passengers depended on March 8, 2022, for Zheng Xinxia, ??the flight attendant of Haikou, Haikou, is no longer an ordinary holiday, but has been given to it. More meaning.

On HU7032 Zhengzhou-Haikou flights, the company carefully prepared a warm retirement activity for Zheng Xinxia. On this day, as the first generation of Hainan Airlines flight attendants, Zheng Xinxia retired after 30 years of warm-up service for passengers. Recalling the 30 -year work experience, Zheng Xinxia remembers the magnolia tree next to the Pingbian at Da Yingshan Airport at Haikou. At the time of the scorching sun, the magnolia tree could cover them, and at the same time, the fragrance came from, inspiring Zheng Xinxia for so many years to provide better services to passengers, and guarding the passenger’s journey like a magnolia tree to guard the passengers like a magnolia tree. Essence

In December 2021, all flights in Haikou, Hainan Airlines, turned to the T2 Terminal of Meilan Airport. From the newly departed Zheng Xinxia, ??he never forgot his original intention. On March 8th, when Zheng Xinxia’s last flight in his career landed in Haikou safely, her concern of work, care, security, and service of service also settled.

As a flight attendant, Zheng Xinxia worked hard, worked hard, and meticulous to passengers like family and friends, and dedicated all his enthusiasm and diligence to work. As a mother, a daughter, and a wife, she is more guilty. In the balance of family and work, the balance in Zheng Xinxia’s heart is always inclined to work.

Faced with the temporary flight mission, she always rushed at the forefront. The agreement with the child many times did not fulfill it and promised many vacations to accompany the parents for a temporary cancellation.

Zheng Xinxia said: "Today is the last class in my 30 -year flight career. After flying for more than 23,000 hours, I dedicated my best youth to the blue sky.

Along the way, the care and support of all passengers and colleagues in the company is inseparable. Flying is the career I love for me in my life. Every flight has devoted my love to my life. Good service good passengers.

"Female flight attendants in Hainan Airlines form the female special group with the largest number of Hainan airlines. They will continue to write the future mileage with responsibilities and mission, live up to hope, and live up to trust.

Hainan Airlines Female Pilot Hu Yuxuan.

Xinhuanet sent her to pursue her dreams and became an endless female leader of Hainan Airlines Air Passenger Passenger Faculty Hu Yuxuan. She was soft -looking, and it was difficult for people to connect the pilot’s profession with her. During the period of studying in the USAG aviation school in Texas, although the language of the foreign country was not unreasonable, it was necessary to receive difficult and complicated training in a harsh environment in the summer of 40 degrees high temperature, but no matter what the weather and physical condition, Hu Yuxuan They all actively participate, never ask for leave, and take these as a necessary way for self -improvement. Relying on the strong body and psychological quality, Hu Yuxuan overcame a series of difficulties, and finally obtained a flight license smoothly with the excellent results of the first place in the same period.

  Xuecheng returns to China, whether it is the only female captain of the Golden Deer officials of HNA Aviation Group, or the youngest female captain of Capital Airlines, or transferred to Hainan Airlines to complete the transit training and inspection. Strict requirements on their high standards in learning and work.

At work, Hu Yuxuan never relaxed his requirements for his own women. After receiving the notice, she always rushed to the scene to protect the flight as soon as possible, and delayed it many times or even canceled her personal vacation without complaints. At any time on holidays, rain and snow weather, etc. Task, unconditionally accepting the company’s temporary flight plan, contributing its own power to the smooth guarantee of flight operations.

Zhang Jin, a female security officer in Hainan.

Xinhuanet issued her unsatisfactory losses. The veterans did not fade to protect passengers at the age of 13 and attended the Urumqi Sports School at the age of 13. Sports was wrestling. Participating in the competition won the third place in Xinjiang.

The university studied at Xinjiang Normal University and achieved the first place in Taekwondo during the school.

In my junior year, in order to break the comfort zone, she took the initiative to sign up for the interview of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force and was selected as a special team. She is Zhang Jin, a security officer from Hainan Airlines Security Department.

  Recalling the two -year life of the army, high -intensity physical training is just daily. Better and abrasions on the body have long been a commonplace. Zhang Jin said, "The injuries that have suffered are my medals and bring me growth.

"Every morning, I will complete 3 kilometers of running physical training and device exercises for single -double bars. There are also training programs such as water pit training from dirty water to neck, 5 kilometers of military off -road pull training.

Many training programs could not be eaten for male soldiers. Zhang Jin gritted his teeth and did not accept losses.

  After Zhang Jin’s first job, he chose to come to Hainan Airlines to become a safety officer. He was responsible for conducting a comprehensive security inspection of the aircraft before and after the passenger on board and the aircraft. Love is decisively dealt with. From the troops to the airline, the retirement does not fade, Zhang Jin’s demand for himself has never been reduced due to gender, and his insistence on guarding the safety of security has never changed.

When it comes to this profession, Zhang Jin said: "Outsiders look at such a job responsibilities, they may feel stereotyped and feel that men should bear it.

Who says that women are not as good as men, I have never believed that I can achieve excellent requirements because of gender and age. "Every flight task, Zhang Jin is regarded as an extremely valuable experience. She uses her professionalism and dedication to escort the travel of every passenger.

Xinhuanet sent her to work calmly and became a trusted "multi -faceted hand" as an old party member with 14 years of party age. Nie Xiaofei, the assistant safety management assistant of Hainan Aviation Control Department, always adhered to "adhere to the original intention, strictly observe the safety, and strive to play the role of the pioneers of party members "Belief. Since entering the company in 2012, Nie Xiaofei has been engaged in a number of positions such as terminal controllers, security management, flight fleet management, responsible signing staff, and safety management.

Because of the rich post experience, no matter what happens, she can quickly communicate and promote her work quickly and become the "multi -faceted" that the business trusted by colleagues. Speaking of her safety management work for nearly 10 years, Nie Xiaofei shows her professional confidence and her original intention.

Relying on solid theoretical knowledge and rich business experience, she has achieved significant results in the company’s loading and balanced operating risk governance and the construction of legal self -inspection mechanisms, and has been recognized by the organization. In 2018, it was a career turning for Nie Xiaofei. Due to business adjustment, she transferred to Hainan Airlines Transportation Department. In just half a year, Nie Xiaofei passed the license certification, model training, and responsibility signing for a single inspection. Single of the signed staff alone.

In the signing team of 10: 1, Nie Xiaofei said: "Almost all male colleagues around me, I will inspire themselves to see them. I can do it. I also have to work hard.

"With his rich post experience and the delicate women, Nie Xiaofei uses a good scenario awareness, efficient communication decision -making, good emergency processes, constantly implementing the signing work, and constantly using the" her "power to strictly keep the security bottom line and not relax. Essence

(Wang Wenjun, Zuo Yi Yun).