A brigade in the northern theater: "Golden Class Storage Pool" releases new momentum of education

The Navy of the Northern Theater of the Northern Theater adheres to the normal preparation of lessons and dynamic courses, and the "Golden Class Storage Pool" releases the Education New Performance and PLA News. To live up to the people, work hard for the battle position, and work hard to achieve the goal! "On the eve of the May 4th Youth Festival, in the" glory collective, achieve yourself "ideological and political education class of the northern war zone, officers and soldiers combined with the classroom learning Essence

"The reason why this lesson is popular is to benefit from the" Gold Class Storage Pool "created by our brigade." The lecturer lecturer and the Political Work Department of the Political Work Department of the Brigade introduced that this class has undergone topic discussions and experts Inquiry, leadership review and other links, conduct dynamic courses on the basis of normal preparation levels, closely combined with President Xi ’s important speech spirit and practical practice of officers and soldiers during inspection at Renmin University of China, so that the content of the teaching of the teaching is more accurate and novel. Essence

"The essence of ideological and political courses is to make sense. It must pay attention to the methods and methods, and to speak deep, thoroughly, and live in order to achieve the purpose of communicating the mind, enlightening wisdom, and stimulating fighting spirit." The leader of the brigade introduced The training tasks have increased, and the time and energy of some political teachers in the long -term dynamic dynamic decentralization conditions are difficult to guarantee. The education content and the "Internet generation" officers and soldiers of the "Internet generation" are widened. In this regard, the travel party committee thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the ideological and political education work conference of the entire army, aimed at creating high -quality courses, shaping high -level teams, realizing high -efficiency operations, paying close attention to the real problems of officers and soldiers and "living thoughts", focusing on building a collection The "Golden Class Storage Pool" that is normally prepared and dynamic and dynamic courses adopts an integrated class preparation model to "intersection" the content of education, "collect" the education forces, and promote education to the minds and go deep into the minds. Based on the actual situation of the troops, they divided the content of education into 29 courses of listening to the party’s command, capable of winning, and excellent style. Research course teaching design, teaching methods, information selection and cooperation with activity organizations.

The author saw from the subject arrangement and staff division of labor tables that the existing section chiefs and business sections of the lessons participating in the lesson preparation were also available in the top -level training of the grass -roots level. Freshly baked in homework. "The newly released can only be counted as the blank, and the key is to do a good job of dynamic courses." The first -quarter co -instructor of the first quarter lecture and evaluation of the brigade, Jiang Rowyao, said that after the subjects were confirmed, they thoroughly studied the chairman Xi The spirit of important instructions, use the "Gold Class Storage Pond" to charging and increased efficiency, combined with the relevant requirements of superiors and the focus of the focus of officers and soldiers to revise, etc., and communicate, discuss analysis, and polish internally in the research group.

It is reported that the rating rate of ideological and political lessons in the Brigade in April has increased significantly. "Now, we are getting more and more looking forward to the ideological and political lessons.

"Talking about the changes brought by the" Golden Class Storage Pool ", Qin Yongkang, the second -level master of the brigade, said with emotion that there are more and more good courses and the quality of the curriculum. With ideological inspiration.

Education classroom energy storage and efficiency on the training field.

Not long ago, the brigade’s "Jingwu 2022 Mass Training Competition" kicked off, officers and soldiers courageous, high morale, many records were broken, and multiple teams achieved breakthroughs.

In the past few days, the whole process of the whole process of the brigade organization is practiced, and more than 10 practical courses have been completed at high standards.