Anhui: Collaborative force becomes better and stronger. Three industrial foundations

Industry is the foundation of development.

Stabilizing the basic market, promoting high -quality development, and promoting common prosperity all depends on the foundation of excellence and strengthening. Our province adheres to the systematic thinking to play the "combination boxing" of the industry, clarify the goals, paths, and measures of various industries, and conscientiously implement the "two strong and one increase" action plan, the second production "quality and expansion and increase efficiency" action plan, three three action plans, and three thirds, and three thirds. The production plan for the "forging chief and supplementary shortness" action plan promotes the overall development of the development level in the three industries, and strives to consolidate the industrial foundation, economic foundation, and material foundation that promotes the common prosperity.

Stability of the agricultural "cockpit stone" to roll up the farmers’ Qianbags in the spring back to the earth, and the recovery of all things. In the provincial modern agricultural demonstration park of Tasu Township, Qianshan City, there is a busy scene everywhere: Tea farmers come from soil sensor and meteorological station according to the soil sensor and meteorological station Data, pursue pursuit of tea gardens.

Before the video surveillance system, the staff carefully checked all the corners of the tea garden to ensure that all the land that needed to cultivate fertilizer before spring tea was germinated in place. Anhui is a large agricultural province, but it is not a strong agricultural province.

To realize the transformation of agriculture from "big" to "strong", the key is to do a good job of strengthening science and technology, strong agriculture, and increasing farmers’ income.

In 2021, the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress in our province and the comprehensive mechanization rate of major crop farming were at the leading level of the country.

The new high -standard farmland is 10,000 acres, with a total area of ??55.1 million mu, accounting for%of the area of ??cultivated land. High -quality promoting the development of digital agriculture. The evaluation report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs showed that the level of agricultural production informatization in our province ranks second in the country. The overall level of the information development of the county in the county is ranked fourth in the country, which is higher than the national average percentage point. This year, our province will conduct in -depth action of the "four new" scientific and technological achievements of agriculture, the construction of a strong seed in the seed industry, the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the seed industry, the construction of the entire agricultural industry chain, the development of agricultural green circulation, and digital agriculture to promote agricultural science and technology Progressive contribution rate reaches%. Carry out the actions such as the growth of advantageous industrial clusters, the development of specialty agricultural machinery, full -process mechanization, social service, agricultural "standard land" reform, and the construction of warehousing cold chain facilities to promote the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop farming to reach%. The people are the foundation of the country, and the destiny of Gu for the people. As one of the five provinces of food and food in the country, our province has fully implemented the same responsibility of food safety party and government, strictly assessment of grain safety responsibility system. It has made important contributions to "Chinese bowls of Chinese food". This year, our province will firmly adhere to the bottom line of ensuring the safety of national food, resolutely curb the "non -agricultural chemical" and "non -grain" of cultivated land, ensure that the area of ??grain planting is 100 million acres, and the output is stable at 80 billion kg. The inspection of the development of agricultural and rural areas depends on whether the farmers’ money bags are bulging and whether life is rich. In 2021, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in our province increased by%, and the income ratio of urban and rural residents was further reduced. This year, our province will promote the actions such as double wage income, expansion of property income, growing operating income, and increased transfer income to promote the per capita disposable income of resident residents in rural areas to increase by about 10%. National average.

Increased quality increase and efficiency creation to build a strong manufacturing province’s sales increased by%, of which SUVs and pure electric passenger cars increased by%and%year -on -year; exported vehicles increased by%year -on -year … Recently, Jiangqi Group released February sales data. The rapid growth of new energy vehicles and export business shows the good results of enterprise transformation and development.

Manufacturing is the foundation of economic life pulse and strong province.

The development of the second production is good or not, the key depends on the manufacturing industry.

Our province’s industrial enterprises above designated size covers 40 large industries in the national economic industry. The output value of 14 large industries exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the total value of manufacturing has entered the top ten in the country. There is a good foundation for individual industries. In 2021, the added value of industries above designated size in the province increased by%over the previous year, with an average increase of two years. The key to converting the foundation advantage of the manufacturing industry into a development of development is to do a good job of improvement and expansion of quality and increase efficiency, solve the high proportion of manufacturing value -added, the value chain of the industrial chain is not enough, and the industrial chain value chain does not extend to the mid -to -high -end extension. Outstanding issues such as industry.

Innovation is the soul of the high -quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Our province adheres to the innovation -driven development strategy, deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain deployment, and lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain. Last year, 8 technology products broke foreign monopoly, successfully created two national manufacturing innovation centers, two national manufacturing innovation centers, and newly added Four national technology innovation demonstration enterprises, 10 provincial manufacturing innovation centers, and 169 provincial enterprise technology centers.

In response to the problem of low transformation rate of technological achievements, asymmetric information such as the asymmetry of supply and demand information in industry, research, and research, our province will adhere to the market logic of the market, coupling innovative resources with capital power, and aggregating existing industries, science and technology, education and other departments Creating resources and platforms, innovating industry -university -research collaboration methods, creating the province’s industry -university -research industrial Internet platform system, and transforming more scientific and technological achievements into real productivity.

The economic development must be stable and far away. It is necessary to consolidate the foundation of the manufacturing industry, enhance the proportion of the value -added of the manufacturing industry, and make the overall scale of the manufacturing industry. Focusing on the "4116" goal, our province will focus on the three major industries of "emerging advantages, basic pillars, and future pilots" to build 4 trillion -level industries and 10 trillion -dollar industries, forming high -quality advantages, solid foundation, characteristic characteristics, characteristic characteristics A clear modern industrial system.

At the same time, the leading role of the reform of the "acres on the same hero" is used to comprehensively improve the land plot ratio of the development zone and the industrial park, and promote the labor productivity of the manufacturing industry to reach the average level of the Yangtze River Delta.

Forging long board supplement short board high -quality link dual -cycle all the way to China -Europe trains, crossing the vast continent, and in the backwind with poor global circulation and insufficient capacity, support the industrial chain supply chain with a stable, reliable and efficient logistics service " aorta".

From January to February of this year, Hefei Central and EU trains opened a total of 141 standard columns, an increase of%year -on -year, ushered in the New Year’s "opening of the door."

As the frequency of the running of the Hefei Central and European lines continues to increase, more and more Anhui products such as home appliances, cars, photovoltaic, and LCD displays are taken to the gate of the "Iron Camel Team". To promote economic circulation and unblocked industrial chain, we must actively serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and integrate large cycles and links with high -quality products and services. "Board" construction.

Cooperate in openness and win the Chinese Communist Party. Our province actively exerts the location advantage of the center and the north of the north and the north of the south, and the multi -national strategic superposition advantages, and deeply integrate into the construction of the “Belt and Road” to promote high -quality development at a high level. USD 100 million, an increase of%, and ranked first in the growth triangle. Hefei, Wuhu, and Anqing cross -border e -commerce comprehensive test area has been accelerated, and 5 provincial cross -border e -commerce industrial parks are newly identified, supporting 100 enterprises to use and build more than 200 overseas warehouses. Carry out specific actions such as Anhui and the United States manufacturing, Anhui and beautiful agricultural products, Anhui and beautiful tourism, and Anhui deliciousness to seize the domestic trade market, allow Anhui products and services to move towards the country; carry out the special promotion of the free trade pilot area Specific actions such as expanding the foreign trade market, allowing Anhui products and services to go to the world … to better use the two international and domestic markets and two resources, it will provide more powerful momentum for Anhui development. Consumption is the ultimate demand and an important driving force for economic growth. Last year, the total retail sales of consumer goods in our province exceeded 2 trillion yuan, reaching trillion yuan and a growth of%. The growth rate ranked 5th in the country, ranking 7th in the country. Do the big consumer market and let more people consume in Anhui. At present, the 2022 "Anhui and Beauty Consumption" operation is undergoing. There will be more than 5,000 various types of promoting consumer activities throughout the year. Among them, more than 100 activities in 6 sections of automobiles, home appliances, catering, services, networks, and pedestrian streets are launched. Consumption environment, enhance the effective supply of goods and services.

Give up the benchmark, raise the strengths and make up for shortness, and only fight for the day and night. With the in -depth implementation of the high -quality coordinated development actions of the three industries, Anhui will build a new advantage of high -quality development and promote the steady improvement of the economy and the reasonable increase in quantity.