Beijing: Real Estate Pre-sale Funds First Supervision Protection Report

  Xinhua News Agency, November 4th (Reporter Guo Yujing) For some of the pre-sale funds of some real estate projects, the Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Department of Working Management Department jointly issued "Beijing commercial housing Sales of fund oversight management (2021 revised version disclosure Draft for comments), and disclose views. The new method has greatly improved the pre-sale fund supervision quota, and the existing pre-sale funds were submitted to the procedure, adjusted to the first supervision protection, and further protect the rights of buyers. The new method has been proposed that the pre-sale fund key regulatory quota can be determined by various districts according to the credit level, operating conditions, delivery conditions and other factors, which are not less than 5,000 per square meter, which has increased significantly by 43%.

At the same time, for the current part of the development of the company’s misappropriation, the problem of project management is difficult, and the new approach specifically stipulates that when there is a major risk hazard in pre-sale projects, the district housing urban and rural construction department should fully take over the pre-sale fund supervision account or establish a government. Regulatory accounts, implement closed management security funding, prioritize engineering construction.

  The new method will set the existing network sign after the current pre-sale funds, and adjust to the first regulatory protection.

After purchasing a house, the home payment is stored in the deposit of the first payment of the personal housing loan, and the purchase of the subscription of the purchase of the housing, and the sales contract online signing and other functions can be completed to ensure pre-sale funds. The amount is directly included.

  The new method also puts forward that the integrated bank supervision capacity, service efficiency, research and development level, operating conditions, credit rating, etc., the development company will choose the deputy bank of the private account within the scope of the winning bank.