Chongqing Open University Help International Academic Seminar focuses on online education

The participating staff is unfolded. Chongqing Open University for the map of this meeting, the main purpose of this meeting is intended to promote online education research and exploration, seize online education and emerging technological integration trends, strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, and work together to promote the continued development of online education. In a three-day time, 17 experts from Chinese and foreign students surround the theme of the conference, combined with professional research areas and academic interests, share the latest thinking and frontier exploration on online education issues, which will further promote the development of world online education. .

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Open University, in recent years, the school has been supported by educational information, with distinct "Internet +" features remote open education, continuously promoting online education development and innovation, build online education research platform, strengthens online education international Exchange and cooperation, "strive to contribute more wisdom and strength to the high quality development of Chongqing online education."

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