Building a Thought to build a party theoretical strong party roots

  President Xi pointed out in the important speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China: "Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of our parties to the country, is the soul and banner of our party.

"People have such common sense in daily life: the deeper the foundation is playing, the larger the pressure can be affected, the larger the building can bear, the upper building can be firm and durable. A building, a person, a political parties and even a country Also.

Review the process of struggle for our party’s 100-year struggle, all achievements and glory have been established on the "theoretical foundation" of Marxism. The reason why our party can create new brilliance, very important one is that our party always pays attention to thinking of the party, theoretical strong party, and adhere to the scientific theory to armed the majority of party members, cadres, and always maintain a unified thinking, firm will , Powerful combat power.

  Thought is the banner, and the idea is agglomerated.

What is the party of our party who is "a hundred years is the wind, Zhengmao" is because of the theory of tree; our party has been standing hard, because the flag guidelines; our party is strong, such as iron, is because of ideological cohesive strength. For more than 100 years, our party has always adhered to the basic principles of Marxism. He insists on seeking truth from facts. revolution.

In the new journey, I adhere to the basic principles of Marxism with China. Combine with China’s outstanding traditional culture, use Marxism to observe the times, grasp the era, lead the era, continuously promote theoretical innovation, to create theoretical creation, can guarantee us The party always walks in the forefront of the times and is always full of vitality. The heart has a letter, and it is far away. The ideal beliefs of the Chinese Communists are not spontaneous, but it is based on Marxist scientific truth.

When people realize the "true" of the truth, they will trigger the sublimation of "true" to "letter", and achieve internalization of truth to belief.

Whether it is to believe in the "highest sense of life, in seeking in the truth", Li Dazhao, or "cutting his head is not tight, just as long as theism"; whether in order to rectify the "Communist Declaration", it is written in prison. "Cute China" Fang Zhi Min … they have the perfect unity of truth power and personal strength, and encourage the generation of the Communists to go back, and they will go forward.

Adhere to the ideology, theoretical strong party, must build the basis of beliefs, strengthen the belief in Marxism, the belief of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the confidence of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation Chinese dream, truly to practice scientific theory devout , To the letter and deep. With this firm and persistent, you can "let the waves, steady on the Diaoyutai", and experience any challenges and tests.

  Throughout human history, there is no idea, which has such a broad and far-reaching impact like Marxism, bringing such a huge change to China and the Chinese nation.

From the party’s century, we can feel how Marxism is deeply changed from China, changing the world, and feel the truth and practical power of Marxism, and feel the ideological charm and practice of the party’s innovation theory.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the reason why history has achieved historical achievements. The key is to lead the aviation, cohesive force.

Adhere to the thinking of the party, theoretical strong party, must understand to understand the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, so that the majority of party members and cadres politically "main cardiac", "fixed pan star", action "Compass", give full play to the party’s theoretical advantages and political advantages, and inspire the people with the people to work together, and create a prosperous power of the future. I can’t practice it, Wan Ribbon is empty. Our party’s theoretical innovation is always answering the era project, solving the practical problems, and thus has strong times, guiding and targeted. Thought builds the party, theoretical strong party includes theoretical innovation, including theoretical arms. The theoretical armed forces is to promote theory to practice to practice, realize the organic unity of theoretical strong party and practical results. Just as Marx pointed out: "The light is not enough to become a reality, the reality should strive to tend to think.

"Adhere to the ideology, theoretical strong party, must use the scientific theory to strong ideas, strong wisdom, strong ability, adhere to the use of activities, the unity of the letter of credibility, the practice of learning, and continuously improve the use of the party’s innovation theory," Guide practice and drive the ability to work.

  The party’s organization is made up of countless party members, each member is qualified, excellent, party organizations are more cohesive and combat.

Therefore, the idea is building a party, and the theoretical strong party will eventually implement the actions of each party. In the era of revolutionary war, even the war is frequent, the situation is urgent, the conditions are hard, and the revolutionary ancestors can adhere to learning, master the ideological weapons, improve the theoretical literacy, and establish a model of theoretical armed forces.

Today, we have to keep up with the pace of the party’s theoretical innovation, put the innovative theory of the study as a "must-have course", with emotional learning, with the mission, with problems, in the study, to enhance the realm, improve the realm, Enhance the skills.

"Why is the Chinese Communist Party? Why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is because of Marxism! Learning atmosphere, building the foundation of the party, theoretical strong party, our party can constantly move from victory to new victories.