Competitive Sports "Sun Home" (National Observation)

  On September 25, the break dance project entered the second game in Jiangsu Nanjing Shui Water Limit Sports Hall.

The picture shows the Shandong team player Zhao Xingyu (left) in the circle.

  Xinhua News Agency, Li Bo, took September 20, and the two-year-old group of women under the age of 16 were carried out in the rain.

The picture shows the final winning Shaanxi team player Luo Zhi Heron in the game.

  Xinhua News Agency, Liu Jinhai, September 24, with the melting dance project opened the battlefield in Jiangsu Nanjing Shui Water Limit Sports Museum, the 35 competition competitions of the 14th National Games debut.

As a new project of the Paris Olympic Games in the 2024, this is also the first time in the Games. It is not difficult to find changes in comparison of the competition regulations in recent National Games. In addition to the new projects such as skateboarding, rock climbing, surfing, break dance, new projects enter the National Family, small items, increase or decrease, athletes age standard adjustment, etc. Ingenuity.

  As the highest level of comprehensive sports event in the country, the National Games has been acting as a "baton" of competitive sports through its own reform, and gradually assumed the role of the mass sports "booster".

From Tokyo to Paris, the new Olympic cycle, facing the changing situation, achieving the comprehensive coordinated development of sports, and can be explored for the positioning and function of the National Games.

  Swimming, track and field, talent reserves are constantly enriching the 19th, 20th, 14th National Games Swimming, and the track and field two basic big competitions are successively started. The excellent performance of the China Swimming Team and China Tianda Team at the Tokyo Olympics has brought more attention to the full fortune.

Su Bingtian, Wang Shun, etc. will not be expected, continue to dedicate wonderful performance at the 14th National Games, the former sports career run into the 10 seconds of the big relationship, gain the first Golden card, the latter won 6 gold, Creating swimming players with the total number of gold medals to get a new high of the National Games. "Liu Zongzhen as a ‘200’ player, all in two projects 400 meters and 200 meters are very good.

I hope he, the ocean and I can take more responsibility for Chinese men’s mixed swimming! "Inside the pool, Wang Shun has seen the efforts of young players.

It is also on the stage of the National Games, and the young players stand out and go to the international stadium.

  The inclination in the entrance of the National Games also provides more possibilities for the savings of the backup talents.

The 14th National Games, the two Tokyo Olympic Games, Gong Li and Liu Shixing won the gold medal in the individual project, and representatives of their respective provinces participated in the competition for women’s throwing group projects.

The project includes a lead ball, a javelin, a chain ball, and an iron cake. It is a new project of the 14th National Games to promote the reserve talent foundation of the local teams to further consolidate track and field advantage project.

In the end, the Hebei team with Gong Li, Chen Yang, Su Xin Yue, won the championship. The race is another traditional advantage of China’s track and field, the man, the woman 20 km, the team project enters the project settings in the 2013 12th National Games.

In the diving project, the 14th National Games add group projects and small age group competitions, and continuously enriched talent reserves, which is also constantly transporting vitality for the diving team. Rock climbing, skateboarding, promotional effects is obvious for cultivating talents for the Paris Olympics, the Los Angeles Olympic Games, except for diving projects, and many projects have also set up a small age group, two all-roundness of rock climbing projects. Just one of them. "Increase the small age group competition, considering that the two relevances between climbing and difficulty, and the current competitive level of the Chinese team is relatively backward, you need to dig the reserve talents, and promote training in the promotion of the competitive level. Base.

"Director of the Panhang Department of Mountaineering Management Center, the State Sports General Administration, Director Li Guo Wei, said." The rock climbing brought quality leap, this climbing is listed as a formal competition of the 14th National Highway, hoping to use the guidance of the competition leverage, Drive more provinces and municipalities to carry out rock climbing movements.

"Li Guo Wei introduced. According to the latest statistics, China’s climbing participation has reached more than 300,000, and the registered athletes reached more than 3,000.

  As a new project of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paris Olympics, the skateboard has also become a new competitive project for the 14th National Games. On the skateboarding, the race leverage has been quite obvious for the development of the project. It has changed significantly in the number of participants, athletes age and competitive strength, venues.

  "Whether it is a street or bowl pool, each project’s men and women group are full of competition.

And the contestants are getting more and more young, and the smallest athletes are only 9 years old. "Cai Yongjun, the relevant person in charge of the national scrap team, said that after the project entered, the Chinese skateboard realized leap-forward development. In this recent Games, the competitive strength of each team is substantially improved." In the bowl pool project, the men’s players have been able to complete Turnout, 540 revolutions, etc., in the street project, most of the participating teams are mostly completed on the highest, and most difficult props.

"Future, innovation development cannot stop on the 24th, the joint team consisting of China Tianda team team members won the 4 × 100m relay champion of the National National Games, as one of the joint team, Su Bingtian won the fourth time The project’s Games gold medal. However, these four gold medals have come. In 2009 and 2013, Su Bingtian represents the Guangdong team to participate in the competition and winning the 13th of the 2017, allowed cross-provincial team, he Wu Zhiqiang, Xie Zhenye and Zhang Peng team participated in the competition and won the gold medal.

  Su Bingtian’s relay gold medal, reflects a branch line in the process of reform of the National Games. Cancel the Olympic grade, cancel the gold medal, allowing cross-provincial and municipal teams to form a joint team … recent National National Games for the reform of the competition procedure, the trajectory is getting obvious.

For example, the men’s relay finals of the 13th National Games, next to Su Bingti, Xie Zhenye, a team composed of Tsinghua University students, allowing the rules of crossing province to make students with different provinces to form the Jinglu team. Enjoy the event.

  With the comprehensive development of China’s sports, athletes training model, the channels such as the success, the traditional game model will encounter all kinds of unprecedented situation, "opening the door" is the future trend.

  Plays the "baton" role of competitive sports in the National Games, to focus on athletes.

On this basis, absorb more social forces to participate, the National Games will also contribute more vitality for the future development of Chinese sports. (Editor: Yang Guangyu, Hu Yongqiu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.