Changsha: Lightning night economy, fungus new kinetic energy

Night fishman pier. Yuelu District Rong Media Center for the night order, all walks of life Get up, snoring here.

Water powder, rice wine, grilled skewers, halo, only the fragrance is lingering in the nose, people have stayed here, choose the troops, waiting for the food to go, the hot air.

This "net red card" is located on the hillside, steadily occupying the "C bit" of Changsha nightlife, in the life of many people, and the third point outside the house, the third point outside the accommodation .

For Retirement for many years, Jin Yanmei, in the life of the two points, the Donggua Mountain has already occupied the position of the unit. "Everyone stationed in one stop and carefully car.

"This" Red Veyl "has arrived in Donggua Mountain at night, as if it became a reader, in this treated geographic, a short distance.

"So many people, how to manage the community staff, how to manage it.

"For this Changsha" old mouth ", in the living life of the Dongguang Mountain for decades, he has already made himself into the owner here.

Jin Yanmei said, who is not willing so many people like their own home? How to make tourists come and want to come, this requires the owner to pay. "My bones, I can still toss for a few years." Talking about your health, Jin Yanmei could not help but rush straight to the waist, fighting.

"Gold Auntie, such hot days, come in and rest, delay how much effort." Although the acquaintances met every day, Jin Yanmei and the owners met each other, all this.

Jin Yanmei is not willing to disturb their business.

Moreover, a minute of delays may have a landing garbage.

"Thanks to these enthusiastic masses, the pressure we work is also alleviated.

"The director of the Yunan Street Sub-district Office introduced that 33 grids in the street, more than 1600 grid volunteers are in" crawling "every day, helping to solve the size of the street, relying on grid management, willing Dynamic remediation network.

Not only that, in order to let the consumers "eat peace of mind, buy the rest assured", all stores in Donggu Mountain have installed the smoke purification system to ensure environmental protection.

During the prevention and control of epidemics, the night market economy of Dongguang Mountain is maintained from the aspects of epidemic prevention and control, food safety and marketplace.

Li Kai, member of the Party Group of Tianxin District, said that due to the epidemic in the first half of the year, many companies have brought serious economic losses. In the first half of the Tianxin District, the work focused on stimulus consumption, and then took the lead in opening the shopping consumption season in mid-March, inviting 16 large shopping malls and 13 large dining shop to create a peace of mind to consumers. At the same time, in the case of gathering in Donggu Mountain small shops, Tianxin District is also united in mid-April this year, and a continuation of Happy Shopping Consumption Season, I hope to give this firefighter to more consumers.

At present, the major shopping malls and shopping centers in Tianxin District have returned to the level of the past.

Wangfujing sales increased year-on-year, and Friends Altelet sales increased year-on-year, Hisense Square sales increased by 16% year-on-year, Tianhong sales increased by 27% year-on-year, and passenger flow increased by 24% year-on-year. (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).