The first batch of gifts from the Chinese Art Museum

Original title: The first batch of the first batch of art galleries from the Chinese Art Museum debuted on December 8th, "only the letter from the Sin Xian", the "Maxi Painting Exhibition" hosted by the Chinese Art Museum, the exhibition is "Collective Activation" in China Art Museum Series exhibition.

Ms. Chen Shuren’s wife (Juchao granddaughter), donated 116 Chen Shuren’s paintings to the country in 1961, which is also the first batch of donations accepted by the Chinese Art Museum.

This batch of works across the last 30 years of art in Chen Shu, the earliest work created in 1926, covering the categories of flowers and birds, animals, people, and landscapes, and the part is a boutique.

This exhibition is divided into three parts of "Jiangnan Style", "semi-swelling", "Packed up the river", exhibiting more than 50 people of Chen Shu people, most of which are the first show, comprehensively present Chen Shuren in the 20th to 40ths. Creative face. Chen Shuren (1884-1948), as one of the founders of "Lingnan Painting School", in the history of Chinese painting in the 20th century.

In the late Qing Dynasty, the famous flower and bird painter in the late Qing Dynasty was honest, and after returning to Japan, I went to Japan for 10 years.

At the beginning of the 1920s, Chen Shuren in the government affairs, put more energy into painting creation, between the landscapes, wrote to naturally, expressing the chest, created a lot of praise nature, showing the painting of the people.

China’s art museum is commented in the art: "From the traditional thickness of traditional, it is to be the letter of life, the mood of the poetry, which is new in China and Western, the ingredients, the 意 意," Find an infinite wonderful life.

"In the exhibition," Jiangnan style "is mainly based on the theme of the flower and bird, and there is a small amount of landscape works. The representative work has" Lingnan Spring "," Lu Yan Lake "," Mozhen Lake Winter ", etc.

The "semi-swelling" part mainly exhibits a batch of sketching works created by Chen Shuren to travel to Guilin, Nanchang, Suzhou and other places. "Packed up the river" part of Chen Shuren’s work created during the Anti-Japanese War, and he integrates patriotic feelings into poems and drawings, including "Wu Laofeng" "Emei Smoke," "Dining Ride into Swordsmen" "Peach Blossom "" And other works.

Most of this batch of works are included in several drawings published in Chen Shuren. To this end, the Chinese Art Museum deliberately showed the related poems, paintings, etc.

The exhibition is presented in the 5th hall of China Art Museum, will be exhibited from January 3, 2022 (closed on Monday).

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