Participation No. 74 "Peace Mission" in the artwork

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs History Times – Party History in Art Works.

From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.

Among them, this short video "Peace Mission" introduced the famous artist Chen Mingyuan created with the same name oil painting.

Oil Painting "Peace Mission" portrayed the military group of the implementation of peacekeeping tasks, vividly showing the efforts of China to pay for peacekeeping operations, as well as the spirit and spirit of the Chinese soldiers to sacrifice dedication. Shang Hui, director of the Chinese Artists Association Theory Committee: "This work has the characteristics of propaganda painting. The picture is blue and white as a color tone, with a straight-white art language to express a peace concept. The arm is inlaid with a five-star red flag Standing at the front end of the picture, representing the image of the Chinese soldiers, he is with the warriors of other countries, being fulfilling the mission of maintaining peace. "