The Central Propaganda Department, China Science and Technology Association, etc. 6 departments released the "most beautiful technology workers" advanced deeds in 2021

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 5th, for in-depth study of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Talent Work Conference, vigorously promoting the spirit of scientists, and in depth, in-depth implementation of the strategy of strong country, innovation and driving development, recently, the Central Propaganda Department, China Association, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy, National Defense Technology, 6 departments issued the advanced deeds of "the most beautiful technology workers" in 2021. Ma Yao, Mao Xian, Feng Yi, Zhuang Wen Ying, Liu Jiafu, Li Deren, Wu Zunyou, Shari River, Yi Zhijian, Zhao Yisheng and other 10 people from scientific and technological workers from scientific research. They have a major demand in the country, independently innovation of key core technologies; some are actively involved in fighting the new coronal pneumonia epidemic, practice "wholeheartedly" is the initial heart; some have their own efforts to translate the promotion technology, write the paper On the land of the motherland; some actively engage in the scientific dreams for young people … they use practical actions, dancing the scientific and technological newspapers, vividly interpret the spirit of scientists, showing the good spirit of Chinese science and technology workers . The publishing ceremony was held at the Central Radio and Television Terminal, and the "most beautiful scientist" advanced deeds video short film was played from different sides. The responsible comrades of the organizer awarded the "most beautiful technology worker" certificate. "The most beautiful science and technology worker" learning and promotion activities have been held in 2018, and 10 advanced individuals have been selected every year. In the whole society, they have created respect for labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, respecting created a strong atmosphere.

The majority of scientific and technological workers will say that "the most beautiful science and technology workers" are examples, based on two overallities, the "big people", adhere to the "four-faced", take the initiative to give the mission responsibility given to the era, and study the research and research, and Climbing the peak of the science and technology, striving to do high-level science and technology self-reliance, self-row, in the serving the motherland, serving the people in the people’s value, fighting in a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries in the new journey, successful business.