Taking Anti-SARS | That year, we have experienced what is a heart

  "Forever Spiritual Flame" series of net reviews of tenures: it is a pain and touched years. In the spring of 18 years ago, SARS epidemic suddenly, and he was a serious test to the people’s lives and health. At a critical moment, the Chinese nation started a special battle without smoke, condensed the party’s heart, and tempered the great fight against SARS: Wanzhong, Zhong Zhicheng City, unity and mutual help, all the mutual collections, meet, dare to win … facing … We have never retired.

Although the epidemic is allowed to maintain a distance in space, the heart is closer to the heart.

From white, the medical staff from the white, retrograde, the volunteers who are selfless dedication, friendship mutual help, the researchers of the emergency, the scientific research personnel who have no fear, stick to the position of the community workers, where there is an epidemic, where is more difficult, where is it? There are four-sided assistance, and the eight-party support, where there is no hero’s hero. The heart is connected, the love is embroidered, love is connected, and becomes a powerful bottom gas we overcome the epidemic.

  That year, we experienced what is all in the heart. SARS has been far away, but the Chinese people watch help have never changed. Just as some netizens said on the social platform: "Children who are protected against SARS, now have become the hero of the world." "When you fight against SARS, today, I rushed against new corona pneumonia epidemic." This is the spirit of heritage generation, which is the force integrating the blood. This spirit, let us fear, strong unyielding, even if you encounter a stormy waves, you will have to cross the storm, go to the future! (Text: Feng Wenya Poster Design: Wang Wei) Extension Read:.